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Colegio De San Lorenzo
Dalubhasaan ng San lorenzo
Motto In Ministerio Domini
Motto in English
In the Service of the Lord
Type Private, Catholic, Non-Sectarian
Established 1987
Affiliation Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP)
President Ms. Rina Monique Balgan-Garcia
Director Dr. Pedro R. Lora Jr.
Founder Mr. Cirilo Lloyd Balgan
Location Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Campus Main Campus:
Congressional Avenue corner Jupiter Street, Barangay Bahay Toro, Project 6, Quezon City

Macabebe, Pampanga
Language English, Filipino, Mandarin
Academic Council Head Engr. Danilo Reyes
Colors Gold, Red and Blue             
Athletics UCSAA, UCLAA
Nickname Gritty Griffins
Mascot The Griffin

Colegio de San Lorenzo (also called "CdSL" or colloquially, "SanLo") Catholic educational institution in the Philippines located in Congressional Avenue, Barangay Bahay Toro, Quezon City and in Macabebe, Pampanga, opened in 1988. Students of Colegio de San Lorenzo are also known as "Ruizians".

Ruizian Core Values:

  • Faith -
  • Excellence -
  • Service


By 2025, the Colegio de San Lorenzo, adhering to Catholic and Liberal education, envisions itself to be an autonomous higher education institution that commits itself to be a leading Ruizian-inspired learning community founded on quality and relevant instruction, substantive research, and high- impact extension work for the socially disadvantaged.


Colegio de San Lorenzo is a learning community, run by lay educators, guided by the Ruizian core values of Faith, Excellence, and Service, providing:

Space for the witnessing of the Catholic Faith in dialogue with other beliefs; Gateways for the holistic development of individuals, and Avenues for civic-conscious citizenship.


Our Story[edit]

The school’s founders, Mr. Cirilo Lloyd V. Balgan and Madam Annette F. Balgan conceived of an educational institution that will respond to the Church’s call for the laity’s greater participation and involvement in the educational apostolate. They founded CdSL as an educational institution dedicated to the total formation of the Catholic Filipino youth who, like San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila, will live their lives in the service of God.

On the 18th of October 1987, as Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila’s canonization rites at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome began, the cornerstone laying ceremonies of CdSL in Quezon City solemnly proceeded. The founders dedicated the school to San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila to honor and perpetuate the memory of the first Filipino saint, and to let the youth emulate the virtues that led to his sainthood.

During the initial year, 1988-1989, the school building was a twostorey edifice with 14 classrooms. Twelve of these were used as classrooms, one as an administrative office and the other one for student services. The construction of a three-storey wing facing Jupiter Street began in the summer of 1989, envisioning its additional 15 additional classrooms to meet the needs of an increasing student population for the next two school years. The ten-classroom two-storey building fronting Congressional Avenue saw not only the completion of the student services facilities, but also the development of the adjacent lot for a separate wing for the Pre-School and Primary level pupils.

In 1992, plans were made to open the College Department. Faced with great difficulties in putting up a tertiary level, the founders did not waver. The trials they faced even gave them greater resolve to push through with the opening of the college. The Commission on Higher Education finally gave its approval for the College Department to open in school year 1993-1994, with Dr. Enrique F. Coralejo as the first College President and the late Professor Raymundo Briones as the first College Dean. The first batch of college graduates marched on March 1997. 4 Colegio de San Lorenzo Dr. Rogelio Lota was appointed Dean from 2002 to 2004. Along with the continuous efforts to improve the curriculum of each College Program, he emphasized the importance of extracurricular activities. His term as Dean was marked with numerous school events which highlighted the talents and capabilities of the students. Such activities contributed to the achievement of holistic development.

2011 marked a significant milestone in the history of the College Department, welcoming Dr. Pedro R. Lora, Jr as the College Executive Officer. His leadership is anchored on the core values of Faith, Excellence, and Service, thus his appointment led to significant changes in the College Department. In his first year, enrollment grew 120 per cent from the previous school year and the introduction of new academic programs. With his thrust, the college will move to greater heights in providing affordable and quality education.

In the same academic year, Colegio de San Lorenzo reopened two programs Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and introduced a new program Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management. And in 2012, Colegio de San Lorenzo in consortium with St. Joseph’s College of Quezon City started to offer Master of Arts in Education major in Guidance and Counseling, Special Education, and Education Management.


The astounding growth of CdSL reflects the equally phenomenal development taking place within the surrounding communities. Just a few years ago, Congressional Avenue from Visayas Avenue, ends where the school is. Today, it goes all the way to EDSA and has become part of the C-5 route.

Strategically located at the hub of several exclusive residential areas, townhouses and subdivisions, CdSL is blessed with pleasant 5 Student Handbook surroundings and other amenities conducive to the effective teaching-learning process. The campus now has five main buildings that house the pre-school, grade school, high school, and college departments.

Our Motto[edit]

"In Ministerio Domini"

Colegio de San Lorenzo’s motto, In Ministerio Domini literally means “In the Service of the Lord.” It is our declaration of faith in God and dedicated service to others through education, especially to the Filipino youth, CdSL sees education not merely as a noble human activity for self-fulfillment, but also as a spiritual calling or vocation to bring the youth closer to God.

The CdSL Seal[edit]

Colegio de San Lorenzo’s seal has for its tinctures the following:

Gold: being the pontifical color, it symbolizes the Roman Catholic faith of San Lorenzo Ruiz de manila and the Catholic mission of CDSL.

Blue: the Color of the sky and deep sea, best signifies the vastness and depth of knowledge that the educators of CDSL wish to educate from their students.

Red: Represents the martyrdom and courage of San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila in the face of death for the glory of God.

The Griffin: A legendary creature with the head and wings of an eagle, the body of the lion, and the tail of the dragon. The Griffin, which also serves as the school’s mascot, best defines the charism of the Ruizian identi1a`ty.

The Cross: The symbol of Christian faith. This represents the faith and martyrdom of San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila and emphasizes that CdSL is a Catholic educational institution.

The Book: Signifies the mission of CdSL as an academic institution, tasked with educating the Filipino youth and providing them with excellent quality academic preparation.

The Quill Pen: A reminder that San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila was once a calligrapher in Binondo Parish and therefore one of the few educated Filipinos during his time.

The Sun: Represents San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila as the shining example for the Filipino youth. Being the most prominent figure in the Philippine flag, this also represents the nationalistic character of CdSL, which proclaims that her educational mission is “the total formation of the Filipino youth.”

The SanLo Hymn[edit]

We stand by you in Faith and Truth, beloved school of our youth.

Colegio de San Lorenzo we give glory to you raise your banner high

over land seas and skies. Live on live on forever dear our novel alma mater.

Ref. Honor and fame to you our beloved Colegio! Molding the youth in the service of the Lord

We stand by you loyal and truth the gold the red the blue.

Praise the great Filipino, our patron San Lorenzo.

Bless by God our Father guardian of our Alma Mater.

Ref. Honor and fame to you our beloved Colegio! molding the youth in the service of the Lord

We stand by you loyal and true the gold the red the blue.

Coda: We stand by you, loyal and true in gold, in red, in blue

About San Lorenzo Ruiz[edit]

Lorenzo Ruiz is the patron of Colegio de San Lorenzo. As he was being canonized in Rome by Pope John Paul II in October 18, 1987, the cornerstone for the school was laid. Lorenzo Ruiz is the Philippine protomartyr. He was born to a Chinese father and a Tagala mother in the 17th century. He was born in Binondo, extra muros. He was a devout Catholic. He served as an altar boy, was educated by the Dominican priests, was a member of CofradiadelSantissimo Rosario (Confraternity of the Holy Rosary). He was an escribano (calligrapher) in the Binondo Church. In 1636 Lorenzo was accused of killing a Spaniard. For his safety, he left his wife and children and took refuge in a boat that was set to sail for Japan. He sailed with three Dominican priests, a Japanese priest, and a layman from Kyoto, all of whom have been canonized as saints with Lorenzo Ruiz. The boat landed in a Japan that was hostile to Christianity and their believers. From Okinawa, Lorenzo and his companions were brought to Nagasaki to be tortured. When asked by the court if he would renounce his faith in exchange for his life, Lorenzo replied that believed in Christ and his will is to die rather than abandon his faith.

Kahit maging sanlibo man
Ang buhay n’ya ring katawan
Pawa kong ipapapatay,
Kung inyong ipagpilitang
Si Kristo’y aking talikdan.

There they were hung by their feet and were drowned until they came close to death. After three days of torture, they died.

Pope John Paul II beatified Lorenzo on February 18, 1981. Lorenzo’s feast day is celebrated on the 29th of September.

San Lorenzo Ruiz Prayer[edit]

We praise and thank you Lord for gathering us this day.

We now ask you to guide us in our quest for wisdom and truth in our studies.

Grant that through the presence of each one of us,

we may experience love and joy in our camaraderie.

We seek you to strengthen our faith and utilize

the knowledge we earn in our sessions and assemblies,

for your greater honor and glory,

We ask this through Christ our Lord, AMEN.

Leader: San Lorenzo Ruiz!

Class: Pray for us.

All: That in all things God may be glorified!


The College Academic Council[edit]

College / Department Chairperson / Dean
Academic Council Head Engr. Danilo Reyes
College of Arts and Sciences Dean Leonor Hernando
Department of Communication Dean Leonor Hernando
Computer Science Department Prof. Anthony Lomibao
Department of Psychology Prof. Sharon Magtibay
College of Education Dean Cecilia Geronimo
School of Business Administration and Management Dean Ellen Dizon
School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Dean Melanie Intal
Hotel and Restaurant Management Department Prof. Leslie Namoro
Tourism Department Prof. Alpha Omega

CdSL College Administrators[edit]

Office Head / Director
College Executive Director Dr. Pedro R. Lora Jr.
College Registrar Engr. Danilo Reyes
College Secretary Prof. Jennette Manlangit
Office of Student Affairs Dir. Joselito Gutierrez
Alumni Coordinator Prof. Danica Tan
Guidance Counselling Office Prof. Dorina Arcenal
College Library Ms. Maria Elaine M. Dela Cruz
Sports Coordinator Prof. Chino Dario
Management Information Systems Office Dir. Roderick Cuevas
Research and Planning Dir. Nikolo Panganoron
College Faculty Club Prof. Roniel Castillo
Escribano Prof. Ricci Barrios
Community Extension Services Prof. Joan Claire Paguio
College Medical Officer Dr. Luzelle Zapanta
College Nurse Prof. Jeremiah Galvez
Property & Maintenance Ms. Jelanie Montrias

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)[edit]

Department of Communication[edit]

AB Communication Arts major in Film[edit]

AB Communication Arts major in Communication Research[edit]

AB Journalism[edit]

AB Broadcasting[edit]

"Ang Maskom", student professional organization. This program intends to provide students with a solid foundation in liberal arts to prepare them in their pursuit of a career in Print Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, Television Production, Radio Production, Film Production, Advertising, Event Management, Public Relations, and many more in the field of Communication Arts. Students are provided with an opportunity to study and develop their linguistic, analytical, critical and creative abilities. This aims to equip and prepare students to be productive and responsible Filipino citizens in a rapidly changing world. The curriculum will serve as a solid foundation for their future endeavors. This is further strengthened by means of highly competent and dedicated faculty members who are affiliated with the country’s leading broadcasting networks ABS-CBN 2, GMA 7 and TV 5. Other practitioners from various Advertising Agencies and Print Media Publications are also tapped as professors.

Psychology Department[edit]

Bachelor of Science in Psychology[edit]


The Psychology Department of CDSL, with the Ruizian spirituality at its core, aims to produce academically and professionally excellent graduates adept in psychology, its theories combined with research and practice dedicated to helping individuals and groups of people in the Philippines and globally.


The Psychology Department of CDSL provides Ruizian students with solid education and training in pursuit of scientific integrity and academic excellence in preparation for their work, advocacies, and further specialization in the various fields of psychology in the educational, clinical, and industrial settings and related areas such as medicine.

Computer Science Department[edit]

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science[edit]

These 4-year programs can provide students with the skills to manage complex computer infrastructures as well as work with systems analysts, computer programmers, network administrators and support personnel. Students can be prepared to purchase hardware and software for organizations, design and set up a local area network LAN, take appropriate security measures to protect networks and troubleshoot computer problems.

College of Education (COE)[edit]

This program is concerned with the total process of helping highly motivated individuals become teachers. Education students will learn to understand and utilize the principles of learning, human growth and development, and interpersonal relationships. The Program intends to make aspiring teachers realize that teaching is more than just a career — it is a vocation. The program is CdSL’s response to the country’s need to have excellent teachers who will give moral direction, develop the necessary skills, and help in fully actualizing the potentials of every Filipino youth.

BEED major in Preschool Education[edit]

The program boasts of on-campus pre-school laboratory with model facilities and learning tools. Practical experience is most important in the curriculum: Graduating seniors spend 250 hours in the oncampus Preschool Laboratory and another 250 hours in actual private and public schools Humanistic Teaching Approach, with the goal of imbibing positive self-regard among children.

BEED major in Special Education[edit]

The program boasts of on-campus pre-school laboratory with model facilities and learning tools. Practical experience is most important in the curriculum: Graduating seniors spend 250 hours in the oncampus Preschool Laboratory and another 250 hours in actual private and public schools Humanistic Teaching Approach, with the goal of imbibing positive self-regard among children.

BSED major in Computer Studies[edit]

LET-EC - Licensure Examination for Teachers Eligibility Course[edit]

For aspiring professional teachers who are graduates of non-Education courses, to qualify for teacher’s board exam by the Professional Regulatory Commission 6 Education subjects plus 3 practicum units equivalent to 18 units, over 2 semesters Classes are scheduled to accommodate working professionals-classes conducted after work hours and/or during Saturdays.

School of Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM)[edit]

Tourism Department[edit]

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management[edit]

The Tourism Management Program covers the study of various tourism components of the industry. It encompasses technical, practical and professional learning relevant to the different pillars of tourism such as tour and travel operations, transportation, accommodation, food and beverage, events management, allied services, entertainment and recreation, tourism research and education, tourism planning and development and other tourism services necessary for the formation of the students to become well rounded and high-spirited Tourism Professionals imbued with Christian ethics and virtues.

Department of Hotel and Restaurant Management[edit]

Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management[edit]

CDSL’s HRM program offers a competency-based ladderized curriculum to keep students abreast of the changing developments in the field of hospitality. An entire wing of the College was converted into a fully functional HRM laboratory, with excellent and complete kitchen facilities, hotel amenities, dining room and bar facilities. The members of the faculty are industry experts – food service managers, a chef, and hotel practitioners who are committed educators.

Our students often participate and win in HRM inter-collegiate competitions. CDSL HRM students intern in hospitality establishments in United States and in many countries in the Southeast Asian Region

School of Business Administration and Management (SBAM)[edit]

A business administration (BSBA) bachelor’s degree program can train you to understand how a corporation works and how you might be able to maximize business potential.

The curriculum has been designed to lay the foundation for logical and analytical skills development. It is structured to give a broad knowledge of the functional areas of a company, and their interconnection, while also allowing for specialization in a particular area to provide students an opportunity for developing management skills to compete successfully in the global business environment.

The core of the BSBA major includes courses in all business disciplines: communication, operations management, the legal environment, organizational behavior, marketing, managerial accounting, finance, economics and strategic management

BS Business Administration major in Marketing Management[edit]

The BSBA in Marketing Management program is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills on effective marketing and sales strategies, understanding and analyzing consumer behavior, developing products and services to meet customer needs, developing advertising strategies and working with sales organizations.

This program provides students with intensive training in business planning and how to direct the flow of services and products to clients. It aims to develop the necessary analytical skills, critical thinking and creative skills to effectively manage marketing communications campaigns.

BS Business Administration major in Operations Management[edit]

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Human Resource Development Management (BSBA-HRDM) program is an innovation as it incorporates labor and employment relations with business management. This program is structured to prepare students to become Human Resource Managers by learning the practices and policies needed to carry out the personnel aspects of management jobs specifically, job analysis, employee selection, training, management development, industrial relations, compensation and the dynamics of organizational behavior.

BS Business Administration major in Human Resource Development Management[edit]

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Human Resource Development Management (BSBA-HRDM) program is an innovation as it incorporates labor and employment relations with business management. This program is structured to prepare students to become Human Resource Managers by learning the practices and policies needed to carry out the personnel aspects of management jobs specifically, job analysis, employee selection, training, management development, industrial relations, compensation and the dynamics of organizational behavior.

BS Business Administration major in Financial Management[edit]

The BSBA-Financial Management bachelor's degree program provides overviews of financial institutions and markets, money management and investments. Successful completion of the program equips students a strong foundation on theory, principles and concepts, as well as analytical perspectives that would provide a sound and competitive basis for financial and investment decision making.

Graduate Programs[edit]

Master in Education[edit]

Major in

  • Educational Management
  • Religious Education
  • Special Education
  • Guidance and Counseling

Master in Business Administration[edit]

Master in Public Administration[edit]


  • Office of the College President
  • Office of the College Executive Director
  • Office of Student Affairs
  • Office of Marketing and Admissions
  • Office of Guidance Counselor
  • College Health Services Office
  • Ruizian Campus Ministry Office
  • Sports Office
  • Alumni Office
  • Office of the College Registrar
  • Office for Research and Publication
  • Office of Planning and Development
  • Learning Resource Center
  • Management Information System Office
  • Accounting Office
  • Human Resource Office
  • Community Extension Service Office

College Facilities[edit]

  • Media Studies Hall
  • Bulwagang San Lorenzo (College Auditorium)
  • HRM Kitchen and Hotel Room
  • Computer Laboratory 1 & 2
  • Radio Booth
  • Studio
  • Editing Room
  • Speech Laboratory 1 & 2
  • Function Room
  • Gym A & B
  • College Lobby
  • LRC Audio-Visual Room

Major Events[edit]

Itineraryo - Faculty Orientation and Recollection

Tipanan - Orientation for all New Students

Paligsamahan Week - Sports Festival

Speech Festival




College Week

Student Special Interest Organizations[edit]

Ruizian Campus Ministry (RCM)

CdSL Philosophical Society (CdSL Philo. Soc.)

SanLo Dance Crew (SDC)

Ruizian Stagers' Guild (RSG)

SanLo Smart Bars (SB)

SanLo Jammers Society (Jammers)

Koro Ruiziano (Koro)

Ruizian Otaku Association (ROA)

SanLo Red Cross (SRC)

SanLo Star Hanguk (SSH)

Griffin Gamers Association (GGA)

The Gritty Griffins[edit]

SanLo Varsity team is a certified member of Universities, Colleges, and Schools Athletic Association (UCSAA) since it was founded.

The Senior Basketball team now bagged a four championship trophies.

UCSAA Season 2 (2012) - Champion

UCSAA Season 3 (2013) - Champion

UCSAA Season 4 (2014) - Champion

UCSAA Season 5 (2015) - Champion

Also, the Gritty Griffins is a member of Universities and Colleges of Luzon Athletic Association (UCLAA).

The Griffin Awards (Griffin Film Festival)[edit]

The Griffin Film Festival, known as GFF, showcases the skills, artistry and passion of student film makers of SanLo.

7th Griffin Film Festival recently concludes last October 9, 2015, with its theme "Seven years of bringing you into a world of Enchantment".

Official Publications[edit]

Escribano - The Ruizian Record (Official School Paper)

Escribano Online

Interaction: A Multidisciplinary Research Journal

Pampanga Campus[edit]

In 1996, CDSL opened a branch in Macabebe, Pampanga, founder's hometown.

Notable Alumni[edit]

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