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S. Coleman Charlton
Born Richmond, Virginia
Residence Charlottesville, Virginia[1]
Education PhD of Computer Science from the University of Virginia[1]
Occupation Director of Development and Production
Years active 1980–present
Employer Mayfair Games
Known for Iron Crown Enterprises (Co-Founder)[1]
Notable work [1]

S. Coleman Charlton was one of the founders of Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE).


While running a six-year Dungeons & Dragons campaign set in Middle-earth, Pete Fenlon began to develop a set of unique house rules with Charlton and Kurt Fischer, ultimately forming Iron Crown Enterprises in 1980 to turn their rules into a business.[4]:133 Charlton was one of the designers of the Rolemaster role-playing game system in 1980.[4]:133 In 1984 he simplified the Rolemaster set of rules in order to create MERP, the first Middle-earth role-playing game, also edited by ICE.

Charlton designed the Middle-earth Collectible Card Game, which was published in 1995, after ICE recovered the licensing rights that they had previously signed over.[4]:140 With Fenlon, Charlton now oversees Mayfair Games.[4]:141

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