Coleridge Community College

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Coleridge Community College
Radegund Road

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Coordinates52°11′38″N 0°09′11″E / 52.194°N 0.153°E / 52.194; 0.153Coordinates: 52°11′38″N 0°09′11″E / 52.194°N 0.153°E / 52.194; 0.153
Local authorityCambridgeshire
PrincipalMark Patterson
Age11 to 16

Coleridge Community College is a secondary academy school with 600 places for children aged 11–16, situated on Radegund Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England. The school is a member of the Cambridge Academic Partnership (formerly the Parkside Federation)[1] along with Parkside Community College, Trumpington Community College, Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology, and Parkside Sixth. It joined Parkside Community College to form the Parkside Federation in 2005, after having been placed in special measures in 2003.[2] An Ofsted report in 2007[3] rated it as satisfactory.

Originally two segregated schools, the Coleridge Secondary Modern School for Boys was located in the right half and the Coleridge Secondary Modern School for Girls in the left half of the mirror-image twin main building, with a separate dedicated gymnasium located behind the Girls' school, and prefabricated classroom outbuildings surrounding its internal playing fields at the rear of the Boys' school. The two schools were merged into a Comprehensive School from the 1966 school year as part of the national reorganisation of secondary and grammar schools.[citation needed]

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