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Colesdalen, with Colesbukta to the right

Colesbukta is a bay at the southern side of Isfjorden, in Nordenskiöld Land at Spitsbergen, Svalbard. The bay is about 4.5 kilometer wide. A railway for coal transport was earlier operated between Grumantbyen and shipment facilities in Colesbukta.[1][2] The valley Colesdalen debouches into Colesbukta.[3]

The cabin built by the Russian geologist Vladimir Rusanov in 1912 at the entrance to Colesbukta has been turned into a small self-guided museum. Other buildings and facilities in the old Soviet settlement remain abandoned.


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Coordinates: 78°06′07″N 14°57′48″E / 78.10194°N 14.96333°E / 78.10194; 14.96333