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Colette L. Samson (born June 28, 1923 – 1991) was the founder of La Maison Revivre, a refuge for the homeless, in Quebec City.[1]

She was born in Lévis, Quebec and studied at the Couvent Marguerite d'Youville there. She joined the Jeunesse Étudiante Chrétienne movement and became local president. Samson was also a member of the Choeur d'Aubigny and was involved in theatre.[1]

She founded the Maison Revivre in 1978.[2]

In 1980, she was named Personality of the Year by the Régionale des Jeunes Chambres de Commerce de Québec. In 1986, she received the Prix Bénévolat-Canada awarded by the Canadian government. Samson was named a Chevalière in the National Order of Quebec in 1987.[1]

Rue Colette-Samson in Quebec City was named in her honour.[3]


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