Colette de Jouvenel

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Colette de Jouvenel, also known as Bel-Gazou, July 1913 - 1981, was the daughter of French writer Colette and her second husband, Henri de Jouvenel. She was the half-sister of Renaud de Jouvenel and Bertrand de Jouvenel. Born at Castel-Novel in Corrèze, she spent her childhood in the care of her English nanny, Miss Draper, only rarely seeing her famous mother.

In 1935, Colette de Jouvenel married Dr Dausse, a man she thought she knew. They divorced one year later. She produced an animated film for L'Office de radiodiffusion-télévision française, entitled Introduction à Colette. It premiered 18 March 1968.

She is buried next to her mother at Père Lachaise in Paris.