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Colex Enterprises was a joint venture company between Columbia Pictures Television and LBS Communications, Inc., active from January 30, 1984 to January 1, 1988. The name of the joint venture is a portmanteau of the two companies' names (Columbia and Lexington, the latter coming from LBS' original name of Lexington Broadcast Services).[1]

The company was responsible for distributing the Screen Gems television output, as well as many of the post-1948 Bob Hope theatrical output, with the exception of Hanna-Barbera produced programs (excluding Jeannie and Partridge Family 2200 A.D.), which were syndicated by Worldvision Enterprises and later by Turner Broadcasting. Colex also distributed the syndicated sitcom series What's Happening Now!!, which was later distributed by LBS and Coca-Cola Telecommunications on its final season.

LBS distributed The Monkees until 1993 and was turned over to Columbia Pictures Television Distribution.


  • January 30, 1984 - The company was created.
  • 2001 - CTTD merged with Columbia TriStar Television in 2001 to form Columbia TriStar Domestic Television, which is now presently known as Sony Pictures Television since 2002.


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