Colfax Corporation

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Colfax Corporation
Traded as NYSECFX
Industry Machinery
Headquarters Annapolis Junction, Maryland, United States
Number of employees

Colfax Corporation is an American industrial[1] corporation headquartered in Annapolis Junction, Maryland, indexed on the NYSE. Originally it was founded as a spinoff out of American Industrial conglomerate the Danaher Corporation.[2] Colfax Corp. acquired British Charter International PLC[3] which in turn owned Swedish ESAB (8 500 employees worldwide, 2012) in 2011. Both companies have since been wholly owned by Colfax. Further Colfax also acquired Allweiler[4] (2 100 employees worldwide, 2011 [5])


Started in 1995 by the two brothers Steven and Mitchell Rales with the goal of acquiring worldwide industrial enterprises.[6]

In the 1st quarter of 2008, it net profit was $6.8 million.[7]

In January 2012 it completed the acquisition of Charter International the parent company of ESAB and Howden[8] for $2.4 Billion.[9]

The revenue of the company for 2012 was 3 billion USD.[10]

In July 2015, Matthew Trerotola was appointed CEO. In the 7 months following, the stock price fell by 40%, and Trerotola was awarded a $9m bonus. [11]