Colgú mac Faílbe Flaind

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Colgú mac Faílbe Flaind (died 678) [1] was a King of Munster from the Eóganacht Chaisil branch of the Eoganachta. He was the son of Faílbe Flann mac Áedo Duib (d.639),[2] a previous king. He succeeded Cathal Cú-cen-máthair mac Cathail as king in 665. The annals mention no details of his reign. His known son was named Nad Froích.

He is also a prominent character in the Sister Fidelma mystery series written by Peter Tremayne.


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Colgú mac Faílbe Flaind
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Cathal Cú-cen-máthair
King of Cashel
c. 665 – 678
Succeeded by
Finguine mac Cathail