Colgado de un sueño

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Spain "Colgado de un sueño"
Eurovision Song Contest 2000 entry
Serafín Zubiri
José María Purón
José María Purón
Finals performance
Final result
Final points
Appearance chronology
◄ "No quiero escuchar" (1999)   
"Dile que la quiero" (2001) ►

"Colgado de un sueño" (Spanish pronunciation: [kolˈɣaðo ðe un ˈsweɲo], "Hanging From a Dream") was the Spanish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in the year 2000. It was performed by the blind singer and pianist Serafín Zubiri, who had finished fourteenth for Spain in the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest with "Todo esto es la música". It was written by José María Purón, who had previously written "Vuelve conmigo", the runner up song in the Eurovision Song Contest 1995 representing Spain.

The song, which had a gentle verse and catchy chorus, was about the power of dreams, and how nothing is impossible in dreams. Zubiri also recorded an English language version of the song, entitled "Dancing on Rainbows".

On stage in Stockholm Zubiri accompanied himself on piano, dressed all in black and wearing dark glasses. He was accompanied by four backing singers; two women in lilac gowns and two men in black suits.

The song was performed 13th on the night, following Iceland's August & Telma with "Tell Me!" and preceding Denmark's Olsen Brothers with "Fly on the Wings of Love". At the close of voting it had received 18 points, finishing in equal 18th place in a field of 24.

The song was succeeded as Spanish representative at the 2001 Contest by David Civera singing "Dile que la quiero".

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