Colias chlorocoma

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Colias chlorocoma
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Pieridae
Genus: Colias
Species: C. chlorocoma
Binomial name
Colias chlorocoma
Christoph, 1888
  • Colias chlorocoma ochracea Verhulst, 1993
  • Colias chlorocoma ♀ ab. sulphurea Miller, [1913]
  • Colias chlorocoma aladagensis Verhulst, 1993

Colias chlorocoma is a butterfly in the family Pieridae found in Transcaucasia, Turkey and Iran.


Originally described as Colias chlorocoma Christoph, 1888. Röber considered C. chlorocoma to be an apparently very rare, local form of Colias libanotica[1] Treated as a species of Colias Fabricius, 1807 by Tuzov et al.[2]

Grieshuber & Gerardo Lamas[3] consider that C. chlorocoma is very closely related to and possibly conspecific with Colias sagartia but androconial spots are rare in chlorocoma and males have yellow spots in the marginal band. The flight, the biotopes, and the foodplants of the two taxa are identical. C. chlorocoma is rather variable, in particular the green wing pigmentation differs from population to population but is usually greenish-yellow, C. sagartia is greenish.

Oorschot, H. & Wagener, S. treat all the subspecies as junior synonyms[4]


  • Colias chlorocoma chlorocoma (Turkey)
  • Colias chlorocoma aladagensis Verhulst, 1993 (Turkey)
  • Colias chlorocoma tkatschukovi O. Bang-Haas, 1936 (Armenia, Azerbaijan)
  • Colias chlorocoma wyatti Häuser & Schurian, 1978 (Iran)


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