Colin Brunton

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Colin Brunton
Born 1955 (age 62–63)
Toronto, Canada
Occupation Film producer, film director

Colin Brunton (born 1955 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian producer and director. After creating the short films The Last Pogo (1978), A Trip Around Lake Ontario (1988) and The Mysterious Moon Men of Canada (1989), Genie Award winner for Best Live Action Short), Brunton produced the feature films Roadkill (1989) and Highway 61 (1990) with director Bruce McDonald.[1]

Brunton then went on to become the first executive director of The Feature Film Project, an initiative of Norman Jewison's Canadian Film Centre. Encouraging filmmakers to take risks, and giving them complete artistic freedom, from 1991 to 1995 he developed and then executive produced five feature films by first-time directors, producers and writers: Blood & Donuts, Cube, Rude, Shoemaker, and House. While faring poorly at the box office, they garnered generally favorable critical praise, and in two cases launched the healthy careers of two new directors: Clement Virgo with Rude and Vincenzo Natali with Cube.

After leaving the Feature Film Project, Brunton became a hired-gun, working as a line producer, producer, and production manager on a variety of feature films and television series including the features Hedwig and the Angry Inch, The Safety of Objects and Foolproof, as well as the television series The Newsroom, Our Hero, Schitt's Creek and Puppets Who Kill.

A feature of Brunton's career is his penchant for helping out young filmmakers, as evidenced by the numerous "Thank You" credits on a variety of indie projects.

Brunton continues working at a steady pace, most recently producing the TV series Little Mosque on the Prairie,[2] Spun Out and Schitt's Creek. In 2007 he completed the concert DVD Duality of Self featuring mysterious musician Jandek, and is currently creating the feature-length documentary The Last Pogo Jumps Again.[1] He was also in the latest movie How She Move.

He was line producer on Empire of Dirt,[3] a film that was nominated in 2013 for Best Picture at the 2nd Canadian Screen Awards.[4]


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