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Colin Robert Vaughan Campbell, 7th Earl Cawdor, DL (born 30 June 1962),[1] is a Scottish peer and architect. He is also known for having legal issues with his stepmother Countess Cawdor. He is the elder son and third child[2] of Hugh John Vaughan Campbell, 6th Earl Cawdor, and his first wife Cathryn Hinde. He married Lady Isabella Rachel Stanhope (born 1 October 1966), youngest daughter of William Stanhope, 11th Earl of Harrington, and (his only daughter by) his third wife Priscilla Margaret Cubitt, herself granddaughter of the 2nd Baron Ashcombe, on 21 October 1994.

Lady Cawdor is a former Vogue fashion editor and stylist who has now turned to interior decorating.[3] Lord and Lady Cawdor have four children:

  • Lady Jean Campbell (b ca. 1997)[4]
  • James Chester Campbell, Viscount Emlyn (b. 8 July 1998)[5]
  • Lady Eleanor Campbell (b. 2000)[6]
  • Lady Beatrice Campbell (b. 2004)[7]

In 2007, Vogue considered the Earl and Countess Cawdor to be among the best-dressed couples.[8]

On 23 June 2013 The New York Times quoted one of Campbell's elder sisters, Liza Campbell, in an article that described the laws of male primogeniture and male-preference primogeniture as a legacy instance of sexism, "The posh aspect of it blinds people to what is essentially sexism in a privileged minority, where girls are born less than boys."[9]

Lord Cawdor is a Deputy Lieutenant (DL) for Nairnshire and the current Vice-Lord Lieutenant.


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