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Colin Fry
Born (1962-05-19)19 May 1962
Died 25 August 2015(2015-08-25) (aged 53)
Occupation Spiritualist medium

Colin Fry (19 May 1962 – 25 August 2015) was a British spiritualist medium, author and television personality.[1]


Colin Arthur Fry was born on 19 May 1962 in Cuckfield Hospital near Haywards Heath, West Sussex, England where he grew up. His parents were Arthur Frederick Fry and Margaret Briggs.[2] Fry had a paternal grandmother who was proud of her Scottish heritage, Jewish ancestry through a maternal great grandfather who was believed to have come from Poland and a maternal great grandmother who was believed to have come from Gypsy stock and to have been prosecuted under the Witchcraft Act.[3]

Fry said his first contact with a spirit was in 1971 when he heard the voice of his grandfather telling him to run home. He returned home to find that his mother had fallen down the stairs. He was aware of having a spirit guide called Magnus from childhood onwards. He was small as a child and was targeted by bullies for being gay.[4] At the age of fifteen years old he attended a spiritualist church for the first time.[5] In the late 1970s Fry regularly attended a development circle focusing on mental mediumship.[6] As an adult Fry juggled two roles in life, a job in retail and his work on the spiritualist circuit.[4]

In the 1980s he attended a circle specialising in physical and trance mediumship.[7] The Noah's Ark Society were interested in Fry's physical mediumship and invited him to conduct a séance at a seminar in Leicester. They decided to give Fry the name 'Lincoln' to ensure his anonymity. After coming out of trance at Leicester Fry had no recollection of what had happened but was told that voices had spoken through him and a séance or spirit trumpet, a normal looking trumpet which is luminous at both ends, was seen levitating. The séance was big news in the psychic community at the time and there was a lot of interest in 'Lincoln'.[8]

A curious incident occurred at a séance involving physical mediumship at Scole, Norfolk in 1992. Fry was found to be “standing in the middle of the room holding a spirit trumpet in his hand”. A “mischievious earth bound spirit” was blamed for interfering with the séance and this explanation was accepted.[9] Speaking about the trumpet incident in 2007 Fry said, “Only I and a few other people know what happened. Everything else is speculation.” In response to sceptics who keep bringing up the incident he said, “All I can say is they give far more time and energy to dissing me than I do worrying about trying to convince them.”[4]

Towards the end of 1997 he decided to become a professional medium.[10] After turning professional his main source of income came from classes, séances and one-to-one sittings given in a building at the bottom of his garden he called 'The Spirit Lodge'.[11]

He collaborated with Michael Courtney-Hunt on the filming of a number of demonstrations that would constitute the ‘Magnus Guides’ Trilogy of DVDs. The three titles in the series were entitled ‘Magnus Guides’, ‘A Voice From The Light’ and ‘Nearer The Light’. The trilogy showed Fry channeling Magnus in trance and discussing spiritual matters.[12]

Fry turned down three offers to do a television programme before he finally accepted to make '6ixth Sense with Colin Fry' in 2002. 6ixth Sense catapulted him to fame and made him a household name. It was the start of a successful run of TV shows for him on Living TV.[13] IPM, the television company who made 6ixth Sense, told Fry that they wanted to make a British version of Crossing Over with him.[14]

He was one third of ‘The Three Mediums’ working alongside fellow TV mediums, Derek Acorah and Tony Stockwell. He also worked with Tony Stockwell on ‘The Best of British Mediumship’. After filming over 160 episodes of 6ixth Sense, Fry turned detective appearing with Tony Stockwell and TJ Higgs in ‘Psychic Private Eyes’ on Zone Reality. His last TV series on Living TV was 'Colin Fry Live'. Other lesser known TV work included Most Haunted, 'The Happy Medium' in New Zealand and 'Den Andre Siden' in Norway.[1]

Colin Fry toured extensively, apart from Britain and Ireland, he demonstrated as far afield as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Spain, Norway and Finland. He was a successful author. His autobiography, ‘The Happy Medium’, was published in June 2012. His previous four books were all hits and appeared in the prestigious Sunday Times Best Sellers List. He was also involved in teaching workshops. Most of his teaching work was undertaken in Ramsberg Gardens in Sweden. He was a spiritualist minister and was known as Reverend Colin Fry towards the end of his life.[1]


In April 2015, Fry was diagnosed as being terminally ill with lung cancer.[15] Vowing, "The show must go on" he said, "It is bad news for me personally. But it has made me even more determined to carry on. It gives me a chance to say goodbye to my fans, who have been so loyal to me over the years. I hope they and the theatres will all bear with me. I feel good most of the time. But there will be bad days too. It has been a privilege to be allowed to perform my skills on a national stage and Television. I have never taken that for granted and I would like to give something back and say, ‘thank you for having me. It has been a real pleasure’."[16] He died on the morning of 25 August 2015, at the age of 53.[17]


  • Inspired Of Spirit: Trance Teachings Through Colin Fry, Magnus through Colin Fry, also known as Lincoln, compiled by Tony Ortzen (2000)
  • Life Before Death, Colin Fry (2007)
  • Secrets From The Afterlife, Colin Fry (2008)
  • The Message: Seven Steps To Hope And Healing, Colin Fry (2009)
  • By Your Side: How The Spirits Can Help You Every Day, Colin Fry (2010)
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