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Colin H. Livingstone was an American railroad executive and first president of the Boy Scouts of America. Born in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada on June 3, 1863, he died at age 79 on February 1, 1943 in Fisherville, Virginia.[1]

Colin Livingstone was president of the Great Falls and Old Dominion Railroad. In 1911, the Great Falls and Old Dominion Company was reorganized into the Washington and Old Dominion Railroad and the line was converted to electricity. Fellow officers of the railway included Senator Elkins of West Virginia, and John Roll McLean. The line to Great Falls was operated until 1934.

Livingstone served as secretary to Senator Stephen Benton Elkins of West Virginia as well as the secretary of the Interstate Commerce Committee of the U.S. Senate. Livingtone's son Robert Elkins Livingstone (1898-1916) was presumably named in honor of the senator.

Livingstone was the namesake of the Arlington, Virginia neighborhood Livingstone Heights. Prior to 1932, 24th Street was Livingstone Street, also named for Colin Livingstone.

Livingstone was friends with Boy Scouts of America founder William D. Boyce, promoted early Scouting and served as president of the BSA from its incorporation on February 8, 1910 to 1925.

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