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Colin Kirkus (19 June 1910-13 September 1942[citation needed]), was one of the most influential climbers Britain has ever produced.[citation needed] He climbed extensively in Wales and elsewhere, such as the Alps and the Himalaya.[citation needed]


Kirkus left the world of mountaineering two tremendous legacies: firstly his pioneering climbs in Wales and elsewhere, and secondly one of the finest instruction books ever written:[citation needed] Let's Go Climbing!.[1]

Jack Longland described the greatest rock face in Wales, Clogwyn Du'r Arddu, as "Colin’s Cliff".[citation needed]

Kirkus' series of new routes on "Cloggy" was unparalleled until the emergence of Joe Brown, 20 years later.[citation needed]

Kirkus made a pioneering Alpine-style ascent in the Himalaya, in 1933.[citation needed]


Kirkus was killed in the Second World War, in 1942.[citation needed]


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