Colin McEwan

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Colin McEwan
Born 1941
Died 21 August 2005(2005-08-21)
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Nationality Australian
Occupation Television presenter, comedian and actor (radio and television)
Years active 1957–98
Spouse(s) Rae McEwan
Children David McEwan

Colin McEwan (1941 – 21 August 2005) was an Australian television presenter, comedian and actor. He was best known for appearing on both stage and TV versions of The Naked Vicar Show, and the sequel that it was based Kingswood Country as Ted Bullpitt'ss brother-in-law Bob Bullpitt and the miniseries Day of the Roses. He also worked as an announcer on Melbourne radio stations 3AK and 3XY, and was a regular guest on TV variety program In Melbourne Tonight.


McEwan's other acting roles included parts in a large number of TV series and mini-series, including the regular roles of Detective Sergeant Dan Cullen in Ryan, Nick in Brass Monkeys, and numerous guest appearances in programs including Homicide, the television adaptation of And The Big Men Fly (1974), "The Rise And Fall Of Wellington Boots" (1974–75), Cop Shop, Sam's Luck (1980), The Last Bastion (1984), The Boardroom (1988), Jackaroo (1990), The Gift (1997), and The Day of the Roses (1998).

Starting his career in radio in 1957, publicity stated that he was the youngest announcer in Australia at the time. He worked on overnight and breakfast shows.

In 1964, he joined the fledgling ATV-0 as a news reader and general announcer, but soon became the station's "jack of all trades", playing the roles of Gasper Goblin, Cassius Cuckoo and Leonardo da Funbird in ATV-O's popular national 1960s children's TV show Magic Circle Club (1965–67), starring as Ocker Ramsay in the 1967 comedy series Hey You, and appearing in many other ATV-O programs including Off To The Races (1967–69), Fredd Bear's Breakfast-A-Go-Go (1969–72), Musical Cashbox (1969–71, which he also produced for a brief period), and hosting programs including Carosello(1967–68), and 1968s Rendezvous (which he also produced and directed). He also played the roles of Miser Meanie and Gussie Galah in [[Adventure Island (TV series)|Adventure Island]] (1967–72), and appeared as a regular on The Ernie Sigley Show (1974–75), and Turpie Tonight (1982–83).


He died of cancer after lapsing into a coma at a Gold Coast hospital on the 21st August, 2005.

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