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Colin McLarty

Colin McLarty is an American logician whose publications have ranged widely in philosophy and the foundations of mathematics, as well as in the history of science and of mathematics.


Figure 1. Colin McLarty is a researcher in categories and toposes.

McLarty's Elementary Categories and Elementary Toposes describes category theory and topos theory at an elementary level.[1]

He has written papers about Saunders Mac Lane, one of the founders of category theory.

He is a member of the Grothendieck Circle, which provides on-line and open access to many writings about the mathematician Alexandre Grothendieck, whose category-theoretic genius revolutionized Banach-space theory and algebraic geometry and whose life has fascinated many biographers and mathematical scientists.[2]

McLarty has also written about the German algebraist, Emmy Noether, who was a Jewish woman, and her involvement with German political history.[3]


At Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), Colin McLarty is the Truman P. Handy Professor of Philosophy and a previous Chair of the Philosophy Department.

At CWRU, he is also a professor of mathematics.


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