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Colin W. Sargent, Ph.D., is an American author, magazine publisher, and playwright. His best-known works include his debut novel Museum of Human Beings, included in the National American Indian Heritage Month Booklist,[1] which delves into the heart-wrenching life of Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau, the son of Sacagawea;[2] the play 100 Percent American Girl; and poetry books Luftwaffe Snowshoes, Blush, and Undertow. His novel, The Boston Castrato, was published in 2016 by Barbican Press of London and Hull, UK.[3] According to London's "Morning Star": "An extraordinary literary expression of the American nightmare." [4]

He is the founding Editor and Publisher of Portland Magazine, “Maine’s City Magazine.” Media Bistro has singled out Portland Magazine for its extraordinary perspective as one of the best regional magazines in the country.[5]


Colin W. Sargent was born in Portland, Maine, on November 5, 1954.[6] Sargent edited the Navy's Approach Magazine after graduating from the United States Naval Academy in 1977. In 1985, Sargent became the founding editor and publisher of Portland Magazine, also known as "Maine's City Magazine," or Portland Monthly, in Portland, Maine. He wrote the play 100 Percent American Girl and later wrote his first novel, Museum of Human Beings, published in 2009.

Sargent is a former member of the board of trustees of Maine Reads, the statewide literacy organization led by Maine First Lady Karen Baldacci. He earned his MFA in Creative Writing from the Stonecoast MFA Writing Program.

Sargent earned his Ph.D. in Creative Writing at Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK in 2013. Dr. Sargent successfully defended his dissertation, the novel Hiding Nothing, with a companion exegesis "The Negative Mirror."  His research is in cognitive literary studies that explore reading as an out-of-body experience.[7] 


Colin Sargent was the winner of a Maine Individual Artist Fellowship in Literature presented by the Maine Arts Commission. His play "100 Percent American Girl," is about the imagined return of World War II radio propagandist Axis Sally (a.k.a. Mildred Sisk and Mildred Gillars) to a modern congregate care facility in her old hometown—where some retired GIs' ears prick up at the sound of her voice. It was a winner at the Maine Playwrights Festival and was produced at the Maine Festival and Arts Conservatory Theater and Studio (ACTS).

His first book of poetry was Luftwaffe Snowshoes (Portsmouth Arts Center), followed by Blush and Undertow, both published by Coyote Love Press. Undertow earned Pick of the Month notice in Small Press Review. According to Poet Lore: “Reading Colin Sargent’s poetry is like opening a dark bag and having a thread leap out, then several more threads fusing to luminous bands of music, one after another, along with crazy potatoes, a phone growing like a black plant, perhaps a soda can discarded on the beach off Kennebunkport, Maine. In Undertow, his latest book, Sargent’s collocations of the magical and the mundane work together brilliantly.”

In 2009, Sargent's novel Museum of Human Beings was published by McBooks. Publishers Weekly observed and noted, “Playwright Sargent’s debut novel is a stylish look at the fate of Sacagawea’s baby son, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau… An impressively rounded portrait of the laid-back, introspective, nomadic Baptiste, this novel will satisfy fans of American history.” According to Library Journal, "From the beginning to the novel's spellbinding conclusion, playwright and poet Sargent allows us an intimate glimpse into what could have been the heart of Jean-Baptiste. This memorable novel will captivate all who read it. Highly recommended for all public library historical fiction collections."


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