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Colin R. Singer
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Colin R. Singer (born 1959) is a Canadian lawyer, a published author on Canadian immigration matters and an entertainment manager. He is the founding director of the Canadian Citizenship & Immigration Resource Center (CCIRC) Inc. and Singer was an entertainment manager of Rick Genest (Zombie Boy)(died 2018[1][2][circular reference]) during the first years of his professional career.


Colin earned his undergraduate law degree from the University of Ottawa (1986) and a bachelor's degree from McGill University, majoring in Industrial Relations (1982).[3]


Colin is a member of the Bar of Quebec and the Canadian Bar Association since 1988.[4] He is a member of the Quebec Order of Industrial Relations Counselors since 2000.[5]

From 1998-2001 Singer served as an executive member of the Canadian Bar Association's Quebec and National Immigration Law Sections. Since 2004 he is a member of the Canadian Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Singer appeared twice before Canada's House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration as an expert witness.[6]

Since 2009, Colin has been a Governor of the Quebec Bar Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to the advancement of the legal profession and became a lifetime member in 2018.[7]

Media and publications[edit]

Beginning in 2000, Singer served as an Associate Editor of "Immigration Law Reporter" (3rd Edition), a Carswell publication.[8]

Singer is a writer of legal publications as well as a contributor of editorial content on several mainstream media platforms such as Mondaq, the Financial Post, CNN and the Lawyers Daily. He has also been featured on CBC, BNN and the Daily Beast.[9]


  • (2019) Canada Provincial Immigration Programs for Skilled Workers: A Guidebook for Skilled Workers[10]
  • (2019) Canada Business Immigration Programs[11]


Zombie Boy by Colin Singer

After representing Rick Genest (Zombie Boy) to appear in the Paris-based Thierry Mugler fashion campaign in January 2011, in February of that year, Singer became his manager.[12] He signed Genest to appear in Lady Gaga's music video "Born This Way".[13] He subsequently signed Genest to a 2-year contract to become L'Oréal's first male spokesmodel.[14]


Featuring Rick Genest as his muse, Colin became an internationally published fashion photographer, promoting Zombie Boy through an artistic expression of body modification captured through high fashion imagery. Singer portrayed Zombie Boy's body art and expressive mannerisms in images that appeared in high fashion editorials, international print and online publications such as:,, Twelve Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, Austria's Next Top Model, Bloginity, Tattoo Savage, Fault Magazine, Boom Magazine,, Malibu, French Elle, Vogue Italy (online), Arte France, AOL, and Das Magazin, Toronto Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, The Sun and more. Colin's images of Zombie Boy were exhibited in the Paris-based Museum du Quai Branly, May 2014 Exhibition "Tattoer Tattooed" as well as its special edition catalog.[15]


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