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Colin Teevan (born 1968 in Dublin) is an Irish playwright, radio dramatist, translator and academic.

Teevan has premiered works in the National Theatres of Ireland, Scotland and the Royal National Theatre in London, He has been a regular collaborator of directors Hideki Noda, Sir Peter Hall, and actors Greg Hicks, Clare Higgins and Kathryn Hunter. He co-founded the writers' movement The Monsterists and was controversial script doctor on Peter Hall's production of John Barton's Tantalus. He has been a fellow of Queens University Belfast, University of East Anglia and Durham University and he is currently Professor of Playwriting and Screenwriting at Birkbeck, University of London and an Associate Artist of West Yorkshire Playhouse. All his stage work is published by Oberon Books.


  • Resistance (2019)
  • Rebellion (2016),
  • Charlie (2015),
  • The Kingdom, (2012)[1]
  • There Was A Man, There Was No Man (2012),
  • The Lion of Kabul (2009),
  • The Diver, co-written with Hideki Noda, (2008)
  • Peer Gynt,adapted from Ibsen (2007)
  • Don Quixote adapted from the novel by Cervantes, with Pablo Ley (2007)
  • How Many Miles to Basra? (2006),
  • The Bee, co-written with Hideki Noda,(2006)
  • Missing Persons; Four Tragedies and Roy Keane (2006)
  • Alcmaeon in Corinth (2005)
  • Bacchai, translated from Euripides (2002)
  • Monkey, based on Journey to the West (2001)
  • The Walls (2001)
  • Cuckoos, translation of Zozos by Giuseppe Manfridi (2000)
  • Marathon, translation of Maratona di New York by Edoardo Erba (1999)
  • Iph. . . adapted from Iphigeneia of Euripides (1999)
  • Svejk, from the novel by Jaroslav Hasek (1999)
  • Vinegar and Brown Paper (1995)
  • The Big Sea(1991)


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