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Pastor Colin Urquhart

Colin Urquhart (born in 1940 in Twickenham, England, UK)[1] is a Christian, evangelical, apostolic[2] and neocharismatic leader in the United Kingdom.

He was involved in the Charismatic Renewal movement in the 1960s and 1970s. He was the incumbent (vicar) of the parish church of St Hugh, Lewsey Luton, Bedfordshire at the time, and during a period of four years immense changes took place there.[citation needed]

In 1974 he wrote a book about these experiences, called When the Spirit Comes,[3] one of a number of books he authored during the 1970s. At the start of 1976, having resigned as the incumbent of St Hugh's, he and his family plus two parishioners moved to a house owned by Fountain Trust (an international trust involved in Christian renewal) in East Molesey, Surrey. From this base he began an itinerant ministry travelling nationally and internationally, with his living costs arising solely from donations (living on faith).[citation needed]

By the early 1980s he was becoming more widely known internationally as a writer, and as a speaker at Charismatic conferences, rallies, and conventions. Colin is still involved with Kingdom Faith Church based in Horsham, Sussex, England, where he lives with his wife Caroline, after being a leader of this organisation for many years. In the eighties he spoke at some of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International Conventions in Mumbai, India, based on the theme, "Go in my name" and "If my people" in India.

Some people present at the meetings claim to have seen supernatural healings or to have been healed themselves.[citation needed]

Colin's son, Clive Urquhart now leads Kingdom Faith church with his wife Jane. Colin's daughter, Claire Morton now leads World Harvest Bible Church in Greater Manchester, Lancashire with her husband Alan.


  • When the Spirit Comes
  • My Father is the Gardener
  • Anything You Ask
  • Faith for the Future
  • The Positive Kingdom
  • God’s Plan for Your Healing
  • Listen and Live
  • Personal Victory
  • My Dear Child
  • My Dear Son
  • My Beloved
  • Explaining Faith
  • Explaining Deception
  • The Truth That Sets You Free
  • From Mercy to Majesty
  • Friends of Jesus
  • Revival Fire
  • Receive your healing
  • Your Personal Bible
  • True Authority
  • True Church
  • True Covenant
  • True Disciples
  • True Faith
  • True Grace
  • True Life
  • True Love
  • True Salvation
  • True Worship
  • True Sons
  • True Leadership
  • True Peace & Joy
  • True Promise
  • True God
  • True Healing
  • True Prayer
  • True Kingdom
  • True Revival
  • In Christ Jesus
  • Personal Victory Audio Book
  • The Gospel of John Audio Book
  • The Great Revelation
  • The Truth New Testament
  • The Truth New Testament Study Edition
  • Major Themes from the The Version
  • The Lord's Orchard


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