Collège Saint Marc, Alexandria

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St. Mark School
Collège Saint Marc
El Shatby, Alexandria
Type Private all male
Religious affiliation(s) Roman Catholic
(De La Salle Brothers)
Established 6 October 1928
Head of school Waguih Hanna Elias
Grades KG1 - 12
Gender Male
Number of students 2,600
Language French
Campus size 35,726 sq. m.

Collège Saint Marc is an all-male French Roman Catholic school in Alexandria, Egypt. The school is located in the Shatby neighborhood at downtown Alexandria.

Collège Saint Marc was founded in 1928 by the De La Salle Brothers to be the second Lassalian school in Alexandria after Ecole Sainte Catherine. Collège Saint Marc was inaugurated on 6 October 1928, by King Fuad I. Built on an area of 35,726 m2, it was at the time of its inauguration the largest educational institution in the Middle East.

Collège Saint Marc is a private educational institution with French as its main teaching language. Students must be accepted beginning at KG1, and successful students remain in the school until they receive their high school diploma. The curriculum at Collège Saint Marc prepares the students for the Egyptian Baccalaureate examination.

Heads of school[edit]

  1. Br. Pierre Cyprien, FSC (1928–1931)
  2. Br. Léonce Onésime, FSC (1931–1937)
  3. Br. Hippolyte Itale, FSC (1937–1939)
  4. Br. Gustave Astier, FSC (1939–1940)
  5. Br. Hippolyte Itale, FSC (1940–1946)
  6. Br. Antonin Louis, FSC (1946–1947)
  7. Br. Léon André, FSC (1947–1948)
  8. Br. Antonin Louis, FSC (1948–1956)
  9. Br. Adrien Polycarpe, FSC (1956–1961)
  10. Br. Castanié Ildefonse, FSC (1961–1962)
  11. Br. Gabr Saadé, FSC (1961–1962)
  12. Br. Emile El Masri, FSC (1962–1963)
  13. Br. Jacques Boulad, FSC (1962–1979)
  14. Br. Michel Andrejko, FSC (1979–1983)
  15. Br. Régis Robbe, FSC (1983–1985)
  16. Br. Jacques Boulad, FSC (1985–1992)
  17. Br. Régis Robbe, FSC (1992–1995)
  18. Br. Georges Absi, FSC (1995–2003)
  19. Mr. Waguih Hanna Elias (2003–present)

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College Bulletin[edit]

Lotus No 82 Collège Saint Marc, Alexandria LOTUS 1975-1976 p231

Coordinates: 31°12′38″N 29°55′07″E / 31.210565°N 29.918475°E / 31.210565; 29.918475