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Collège Sainte-Anne
Collège Sainte-Anne (Logo).png
1250, boulevard Saint-Joseph
Lachine, Quebec, H8S 2M8
Coordinates 45°25′56″N 73°40′29″W / 45.4323°N 73.6748°W / 45.4323; -73.6748
School type Secondary school
Motto Cognosci ut melius facias[1]
(To know so as to better do)
Established 1861
Founder Sisters of Saint Anne
Principal Ugo Cavenaghi
Faculty 191
Grades Secondary 1 to Secondary 5 (Grade 7 to Grade 11)
Gender Coeducational
Enrollment 1,952 total
Language French
White, Blue, Gold
Athletics 12 Interscholastic sports
48 Interscholastic teams
Mascot Dragon
Team name Dragons
Newspaper Journal EKRI

Collège Sainte-Anne is a private Canadian corporation of Primary, High School and Pre-university schools located in Montreal, Canada, in the boroughs of Lachine and Dorval. It has been ranked as one of the best private schools in Quebec.[2]


Collège Sainte-Anne was founded in 1861 by the Sisters of Saint Anne and celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2011, making it one of the oldest schools in Quebec.[3]

Campus facilities[edit]

Academic facilities[edit]

  • The Pavillon Sainte-Anne (main pavilion) is the eldest of the five buildings on the campus, built of stones extracted from the nearby Lachine Canal as early as 1861. The building is in the shape of the letter E and is divided in three sections. The building is famous for its architectural features such as the large dome which can be seen from miles away. The central wing is a library with many technological features such as iPads and eBooks. The rest of the building is divided on either side of the chapel. On the west side of the chapel lies the Convent which is currently housing the Collégial Sainte-Anne, for students continuing their post-secondary studies at the school. The east side of the chapel is part of the secondary school and is used by students from secondary II to IV, each level on their own floor. However, the fifth floor is open to all students and is divided into a large science and technology laboratory for students in the SciMaTic science program, two art rooms and two other smaller science labs. The building's main features are: the principal and administration offices, two conference rooms and a small auditorium, four science labs, a small cafeteria (the Réfectoire), the agora, the study hall, the BiblioTEC and the art rooms. This building is linked to the sports complex by an underground tunnel which crosses Lachine's 12th Avenue.
  • The Pavilion Marie-Esther (PME), founded in 1988, is home to the secondary I students. It is named after Mother Marie-Esther Blondin, the foundress of the Sisters and former headmistress of the school. This building's main features are: a 500-seat auditorium (Salle Jeanine-Serres) along with one of the school's two music rooms with individual cubicles, a cafeteria and a science lab. The third floor of the Pavilion is linked to the fourth floor of the sports complex by an interior walkway.

Athletic facilities[edit]

  • The Sports Complex is the centerpiece of the school's five buildings. Located between the 11th and 12th avenues and adjacent to the PME, it rises on four floors. The three bottom floors are occupied by the school's sports facilities, however the fourth floor (Pavillon Roger-Gauvin) is exclusive to the secondary V students and carries the name of the former headmaster of the school. This building's main features are:
  • On the lower level; a semi-Olympic swimming pool with 1-meter and 3-meters diving boards along with a gymnasium, a music room, a dance hall and a student lounge (the Bistro).
  • On the second floor; another dance hall and a gymnastics palestra with two Olympic trampolines, parallel and asymmetric bars, a tumble track, rode floor, vault, pommel horse and balance beams.
  • On the third floor; a third dance hall, a double gymnasium with rock climbing wall, a gym with cardio machines and weight training, the student cafeteria with a panoramic view on the Lachine Canal and the St-Lawrence River.
  • The fourth and smallest building is the former school library. As of 2011, it was transformed into a larger cardio gym since the library was replaced by the larger BiblioTEC. It is currently used by DoMore Training.
  • The fifth building is a small historic house that was a residence of the Sisters. During 2014, it was completely transformed into the school's Maison des Arts, which is used as an art classroom. It is also known as Maison Jaune.
  • Inaugurated in 2017, the synthetic field in Dorval offer students with the possibility to play football, soccer, and more.

Curricular Programs[edit]

Programme Sainte-Anne[edit]

The Programme Sainte-Anne is the regular program at Sainte-Anne. It is for students who want to stimulate their creativity, learn Spanish and initiate themselves with entrepreneurship.


The DéfiMonde program is an international program for students with humanitarian values and who want to be more engaged in their community. These students have extra classes in Mandarin, humanities, and leadership. DéfiMonde students are of the involved type and have intensive classes in order to prepare for their departure for China in their third year (Secondary III) and to an integrative project semester abroad in their last year.(Secondary V)


The sports program in which students have up to 8 hours of physical education and sports per week, such as rock climbing, triathlon, gymnastics, badminton, swimming, athleticism, introduction to scuba diving and life-guarding, etc. As of secondary IV, students can select one out of three sports programs for their last two years, these options including ice hockey, golfing, football and snowboarding.

Sport et Art Elite[edit]

This program is for students compete at provincial, national, or international levels of competition in sports and arts, and who have to take time off school to compete. These students attend regular classes with students from other programs but have complementary intensive classes and study sessions in their own classrooms. Several conferences pointing towards the learning of well-being and nutrition are available throughout the year.

Danse Sainte-Anne[edit]

The Dance program of Sainte-Anne is for students who want to acquire great competency in dance. Students have three compulsory dance classes (Ballet (point classes included at the end of secondary 2), Jazz and Contemporary) in their weekly schedule. Students in this program can also choose extracurricular dance classes such as Hip-Hop and House.

Musique Sainte-Anne[edit]

The Music program was founded five years ago and is to initiate students to discover the art of music. Students enrolled in this program participate in several competitions yearly. From secondary I to II they must attend singing classes after school.


This program is for all those who have an eye for science. Truly an enriched program destined to bring out the best in the next generation of scientists. It focuses the student's attention on Science, Math and on use of technology, which can be an ample lot of fun for those interested. Although, it demands a lot of work to keep up with the higher mandatory average in Math, and obviously Science.


This elite varsity hockey program is an excellence program to initiate hockey and studies at a superior level. Hockey teams are in the LHPS league and vary in age, from M13 through M18.


Soccer+ is the varsity soccer team and is to initiate soccer and studies at another level.


For the academic year of 2017-18, Collège Sainte-Anne has basic scholar fees of $3,950 for the first child, then $3,750 for any other student from the same immediate family. There are also extra mandatory fees, such as:

  • $200 - yearly registration fees
  • $375 - yearly extra fees
  • $150 - yearly textbook lease
  • $1,340 - computer lease and technologic services fees (paid once)
  • $175 - yearly donation to the Fondation Sainte-Anne
  • $30 - yearly donation to the Parent Association

There is an optional fee for school transportation of $1,700 yearly.

Program Fees[edit]

  • Dance Program: $850
  • DéfiMonde: $700
  • DéfiSports: $700
  • Hockey+: $3,800
  • Music Program: $700
  • SciMaTic: $700
  • Soccer+: $2,250
  • Sport et Art Élite: $2,400


The Collège Sainte-Anne's Activity Center (CACSA) offers students the chance to get involved in their community, expand their fields of interest and benefit from a personalized education supplement. The CACSA allows students to develop skills in the following three fields: Art and Culture, Personal Development and Sports and Physical Activities.


Collège Sainte-Anne is widely regarded as one of the best and most prestigious secondary schools in Quebec (ranking number 1, tied with a few others, continuously for several years), and has consistently received high rankings from the Fraser Institute for academic achievement.

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