Collège du Saint-Esprit

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Collège du Saint Esprit
College du saint esprit badge.jpg
Collège du Saint Esprit badge
Sir Virgil Naz Avenue, Quatre Bornes
La Mivoie, Riviere Noire

Quatre Bornes and Riviere Noire
Coordinates 20°15′58″S 57°28′12″E / 20.266173°S 57.470130°E / -20.266173; 57.470130Coordinates: 20°15′58″S 57°28′12″E / 20.266173°S 57.470130°E / -20.266173; 57.470130
School type Secondary School
Motto Ignis Vibrante Lumine
(Keep the fire burning)
Religious affiliation(s) Catholic
Founded 1938
School district Plaines Wilhems
Chairman Jean Edmond Maurel
Jose Carmagnole
Rector Lindsay Thomas
Classes offered Form 1 - Upper 6
Language English, French, Creole
Slogan Mens sana in copore sano (Latin)
A healthy mind remains in a healthy body
Song Cheers to you College Saint Esprit
Fight song Gimme a Saint

The Collège du Saint Esprit is a secondary school in Mauritius. The school consist of a boys-only department based in Quatre Bornes and a mixed school based in Riviere Noire, students are prepared for the School Certificate and the Higher School Certificate.[1]


Students during the sport day

The secondary school was founded in January 1938 by Fathers of the Congregation of The Holy Spirit. In 1920, The 'Séminaire Père Laval' was inaugurated and in 1926 'le Collège Père Laval' was founded with priests as teachers. However, due to a lack of priests, 'le Collège Père Laval' closed its doors and it was only in 1938 that the college re-opened its doors as le Collège du Saint Esprit. In 1950, the college obtained its first laureate (Roland LAMUSSE). In 1972, l’Abbé Adrien WIEHE became the first Mauritian rector of the school and four years later there was the beginning of the secular administration with Mr Cyril LECKNING as rector of the college. The second secular rector was Mr Raymond RIVET in 1987 who was then succeeded by Mr Georges HO WAN KAU in 1995. Mr Jacques MALIE became Rector in 2000.[2]

Summary of the history of the college[edit]

  • 1920 - Le Séminaire Père Laval was inaugurated.
  • 1926 - le Collège Père Laval was founded.
  • 1930 - Due to a lack of priests, le Collège Père Laval closed his doors.
  • 1938 - Le Collège Père Laval became le Collège du Saint Esprit.
  • 1950 - First laureate: Roland LAMUSSE.
  • 1972 - First Mauritian Rector: l’Abbé Adrien WIEHE.
  • 1976 - Beginning of the secular administration, Mr Cyril LECKNING, Rector.
  • 1987 - Mr Raymond RIVET, 2nd secular rector.
  • 1995 - Mr Georges HO WAN KAU, is nominated Rector and Mr Edmond MAUREL, Manager.
  • 2000 - Mr Jacques MALIE became Rector.
  • 2003 - The C.S.E Junior School became le Collège Saint Louis.
  • 2005 - The Collège Saint Louis is dissolved and C.S.E Junior School is reinstated.
  • 2016 - Mr Lindsay Thomas becomes Rector following retirement of Mr Jacques Malié as Rector
  • 2017 - First Mauritian High School to participate in Google Code-in and 2 finalists for Drupal: Heervesh LALLBAHADUR & Ashmith Kifah Sheik MEERAN.[3][4]

C.S.E Junior School[edit]

The old building

The C.S.E Junior School welcomes students after their admission till form 4 and students then complete their study from form 5 (SC level) to Upper 6 (HSC level) at the old building which is the central branch. The college also accepts high-graded students who just finished their School Certificate and want to complete their study Higher School Certificate at the College du Saint Esprit.

Selected alumni[edit]

  • Paul Berenger, Leader of the Opposition
  • Bishop Maurice Piat, C.S.Sp
  • Shakeel Mohamed, Minister of Labour Industrial Relations and Employment
  • Mario Guillot, fashion designer and founder of IV PLAY
  • Michael Glover, ex-MP and ex-Minister
  • Adolphe Parfait, Fluvial Geomorphologist, Department of Water Resources NSW Australia

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