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CollXtion II
Allie X CollXtion II.jpg
Studio album by
Released9 June 2017 (2017-06-09)
LabelTwin Music[1]
Allie X chronology
CollXtion I
CollXtion II
Super Sunset
Singles from CollXtion II
  1. "Paper Love"
    Released: 28 April 2017[2][3]
  2. "Need You"
    Released: 26 May 2017
  3. "Casanova"
    Released: 3 November 2017[4]

CollXtion II is the debut studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Allie X, released on 9 June 2017.[1][5] It is the second record released by Allie X, following the 2015 extended play, CollXtion I.

CollXtion II is the second of a planned five CollXtions, following CollXtion I, each being a unique multimedia experience that will include GIFs (particularly called "X Visuals"),[6] which are featured in her YouTube videos, a comic detailing an abstract autobiography, and song stems to allow fans to make their own creations.[7]


CollXtion II had been teased by Allie X since the original release of CollXtion I. One of the first statements mentioning the album was made on Twitter, following the release of the song "Never Enough", which fans assumed would be the lead single.[8] On 3 February 2016, the song "Old Habits Die Hard" was released, originally as a non-album single available for free download, but was later included in the album's tracklist, as Allie X had promised to include the song once it hit 1 million plays on Spotify.[9][10] During a question and answer session on social media site Tumblr, Allie X stated that the overall theme for CollXtion II would be "longing and being lost".[11]

On 13 May 2016, after the release of "Too Much to Dream", Allie X announced the project CollXtion II: Ʉnsolved, which saw her release a collection of demos and songs on Spotify over the course of the summer, in order to shortlist the songs her fans wanted to see on CollXtion II.[12][13][14][15] The songs released through the project were "Too Much to Dream", "Purge", "All the Rage", "Casanova", "That's So Us", "Misbelieving" and "Alexandra". Out of these, only "Casanova" and "That's So Us" were remastered and included in the album's final track list.[16][5] The project officially ended on 6 November 2016.[17]


The album opens with "Paper Love", a mid-tempo synthpop song. Allie X stated that the reason behind the song being the first track on the album is because she felt as if it was a great introduction. "It feels like the beginning of something exciting," she stated in a video released on YouTube, in which she breaks down the creation of "Paper Love".[18] "Paper Love" is lyrically about a lover, who is perceived as the right one, but ends up being not the person they once seemed to be, yet the love towards them doesn't want to die.[2] "['Paper Love' is about] when you find yourself getting into [a romantic situation] that you know will rip you up and you do it anyway," Allie X said about the single. "[The term] 'paper love' [means] the kind of love that is too fragile and violent to work but still feels smooth and sexy and sharp and you can't help going forward with it. Like, 'Watch my heart turn to pulp!' It's like knowing [a situation] is going to hurt so good."[3] The song includes a drop, built around a guitar riff and a whistle tone. "When I started to make a demo around the riff, I really started to hear a more modern [percussion], the kind of dancehall thing that's happening a lot in music," she said about the composition of the track. "I really liked the idea of having a drop, I've never really done a proper drop in any of my songs before."[18]

Allie X describes the album's tracks as representing pieces of her. "Whether it'd be a dream, a fantasy or my interpretation of reality," she said about the tracks. "Paper Love" and many of the other songs are about that part of myself that is kind of impulsive and self-destructive, and the kind of guys I dated for a while. I know that now that I'm older a lot of that I've grown out of, but other parts I haven't [grown out of] so much. It definitely is a piece of the me that I am now."[18]

Release and promotion[edit]

My first full length record is finally in the world. This album was difficult. An incredibly fragmented two year process, by a fragmented person. This album is about the loss and hopefully reclamation of my identity. Each song is a piece of me — whether it be memory experience, projected fantasy, or my perception of current reality... Just like on the cover artwork, I am examining all the pieces and trying to put them back together... I made CollXtion II for anyone who is looking to find their place and their purpose. I hope it brings you comfort, joy and closer to your truth. Thank you so much for taking this journey with me and letting me Xpress myself.

- Allie X on CollXtion II.[19]

On 23 February 2017, Allie X announced that the album would be released on 9 June 2017.[1][5] She also stated she would be embarking on a tour, preceding the album's official release. Dates were announced in New York City, Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles and London.[20][21] Due to popular demand from fans, she later added Paris and Milan to the roster.[22] Before the announcement of the release date, Allie X opened a CollXtion II hotline, which would play snippets of certain songs on the album to anyone who called. The first snippet played was "Paper Love", followed by "Need You", "True Love Is Violent" and "Simon Says".[23][24][25][26]


"Paper Love" was the album's first single, and in turn the lead single, which was released digitally on 28 April 2017.[2] Avery Stone from Noisey gave the track a favourable review, describing Allie X as "sugary-voiced", saying she doesn't "dwell on it". "Instead, the track surges forward with a whistling hook over a slinky, swaggering guitar riff—and you want more. The song echoes the situation—you're right back where you started."[3]

"Need You" was released as the second single from the album on 26 May 2017.[27] The song includes the guest collaboration of Michigan-based band Valley Girl. It was launched as instant grat with the pre-order of the album on May 26.

The finalized version of "Casanova" was packaged together with pre-orders of the album, which began on 23 February 2017 and was widely misreported as the album's lead single.[5][28] It was later released as the third official single from the album, in a new version featuring American singer Vérité.[4]

Track listing[edit]

CollXtion II
1."Paper Love"
  • Mike Wise
  • Allie X
  • Jordan Palmer[b]
3."Need You" (featuring Valley Girl)
  • Hughes
  • Nathaniel Company
  • Palmer[30]
  • Palmer
  • Wise
  • Palmer
6."Simon Says"
  • Hughes
  • Pimentel
  • Allie X
  • J Gramm Beats
  • Palmer[b]
7."Old Habits Die Hard"
  • Hughes
  • McLaughlin
  • Pimentel
  • Christopher Rabba
  • Wise[32]
8."That's So Us"
  • Hughes
  • Mathieu Jomphe-Lepine
  • Jeff Lebron
  • McLaughlin[33]
  • Billboard
  • Realmind
  • Palmer[c]
10."True Love Is Violent"



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