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Industry Software, cloud computing
Founded 1999
Headquarters South San Francisco, California
Key people
Bill Portelli, Cofounder, Chairman, President and CEO
Products CollabNet Subversion
CollabNet TeamForge
CollabNet Lab Management
CollabNet ScrumWorks Pro
CollabNet GitEye
Number of employees

CollabNet is a developer of software development and application lifecycle management tools with headquarters in South San Francisco, California.


CollabNet was founded in July, 1999 by Tim O'Reilly and Brian Behlendorf.[1] Bill Portelli joined CollabNet as CEO in August, 1999 and still holds that position.[2]

One of its first products was SourceXchange, a software development marketplace, where developers could bid for contracts to develop open source software applications posted by corporations.[3] CollabNet retired SourceXchange after 18 months and increased its focus on SourceCast, a platform it had originally released in December 1999 to help distributed teams build software applications.[4] After undergoing a few major releases, SourceCast was re-launched as CollabNet Enterprise Edition in 2002. In 2007, CollabNet acquired the SourceForge Enterprise Edition business line from VA Software.[5] CollabNet subsequently merged the CollabNet Enterprise Edition and SourceForge Enterprise Edition products, and re-launched the combined platform as TeamForge in 2009.[6]

In 2000, CollabNet founded the open source project Subversion, a version control system.[7] CollabNet started the Subversion project as an effort to write an open-source version-control system that operated much like CVS but fixed bugs and supplied some features missing in CVS. In November 2009, CollabNet worked with Apache Software Foundation to get Subversion accepted into the Apache Incubator.[8]

In February 2010, CollabNet acquired Danube, a company specializing in Agile/Scrum management software tools (including ScrumWorks), consulting, and training. In October 2010, CollabNet acquired Codesion, a company specializing in open source tools.[9] In early 2011, CollabNet added its commercial TeamForge and ScrumWorks Pro tools to the Codesion service. On July 30, 2012[10] CollabNet extended the capabilities of Codesion and released it under the name CloudForge.

On January 31, 2014 private equity firm Vector Capital announced that they had made a controlling investment in the company as part of a concurrent equity round that included another, undisclosed investor.[11]


CollabNet is the creator of Subversion and a pioneer in cloud-based Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions for collaborative agile software delivery at scale. CollabNet provides products, agile consulting and training services to help organizations of all sizes develop and deploy software faster. CollabNet’s flagship product, TeamForge®, provides customers with an open and extensible collaborative software development and delivery platform to increase collaboration and ALM release efficiency across larger, distributed teams. TeamForge users also gain better governance with enhanced visibility and traceability across the software development lifecycle. For small teams, CollabNet provides CloudForge®, a cloud-hosted version of Subversion, Git and TeamForge, that enables fast project starts on-demand. Other products include Lab Management to manage configuration options and ScrumWorks for agile development. CollabNet also produces the open source CollabNet Desktop, released under the Eclipse Public License, which allows developers to connect to subversion repositories as well as servers running CollabNet TeamForge, and CollabNet Lab Management.


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