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This is a list of Collaborators from the V science fiction franchise.

The 1983 television miniseries V, its sequel, and the subsequent weekly series portrays an alien invasion of Earth. During this fictional invasion several humans are shown collaborating with the aliens to take over the planet similar to the collaborators with the Nazis. The characters are mostly ignorant of the truth behind the aliens' plans.

The original miniseries' sequel, V: The Second Generation, dubs these collaborators as Players.

Daniel Bernstein[edit]

Daniel Bernstein, played by David Packer, is the son of Stanley and Lynn Bernstein and grandson of Abraham, a Holocaust survivor. Nothing much is known about him before the events of the original miniseries, except that he has little or no friends and often got fired from his numerous jobs. All of it would change weeks after the Visitors' arrival, as their creation of a youth corps entices him to join. However, the power of being in such a group goes to his head and he alienates his family as well. He reports his family (leading to his grandfather's death) and the Maxwells to the Visitors, captures Julie in the first episode of The Final Battle's and is personally responsible for the death of Resistance member Ruby Engles in the second episode. He is eaten (off-screen) by the Visitors in the third episode after the rebels frame him in the capture of Brian.

Doctor Corley Walker[edit]

Doctor Corley Walker, played by Don Starr, is a widely respected medical scientist and Nobel laureate who workes at the Los Angeles Medical Center. He first appears in V: The Final Battle when he denounces Kristine Walsh over her work as the Visitors' spokeswoman, citing references to Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels and the Nuremberg trials. However, the Visitors witness this act of defiance and kidnap him. He undergoes the conversion process and is brainwashed, resulting in him expressing a more favorable attitude towards Walsh. He is not seen in the series again after the hospital raid in the first episode.

Eleanor Dupres[edit]

Eleanor Dupres is the mother of Mike Donovan, grandmother of Sean, and wife of the wealthy and influential Arthur Dupres, whom she kept manipulating to suit her expensive needs. She is incredibly shallow, superficial, selfish, violent when pressured (even trying to shoot her own son) and in deep denial on views she couldn't accept. At the start of the original miniseries, Eleanor maneuvers to have Arthur secure his plant for producing the Visitors' special chemical. She later cultivates a relationship with Visitor security chief Steven, which results in Arthur leaving her. Her association with the Visitors leads to the capture of Sancho Gomez and the revival of Sean from stasis. She would die at the hands of Steven in the last episode of The Final Battle after claiming to be his hostage.


Garrison was the leader of a biker gang (numbering 18 in total) that lived in Rawlinsville, a town rich in cobalt ore, an element needed to power Visitor laser rifles. During the Second Invasion, the Visitors planned a major assault on the Resistance. However, it stalled due to their rifles being short on cobalt supplies. Diana, needing the cobalt, struck a deal with Garrison; one ton of gold for one ton of cobalt. After furnishing Garrison and his gang with Visitor weaponry (and after the Visitors had driven all but 30 of the towns families out of the town) Garrison and his gang overwhelmed the town's meager defenders and took control, fencing the town in razor wire and laser wire and having abandoned military equipment to reinforce his troops. He worked the people to death in the mines until one, Glenda, escaped and alerted the Resistance to his operations. The Resistance team came to Rawlinsville and overpowered Garrison's gang, and when defenseless, Glenda shot him. Glenda then succeeded him as leader of the gang.


Glenda was a young black woman who lived in Rawlinsville, a small western town rich in cobalt, and was subsequently imprisoned by Garrison when he became a Collaborator for the returning Visitors during the Second Invasion. Initially a prisoner, Glenda eventually escaped Rawlinsville and recruited the Resistance in helping liberate the town. While this was done, she struck up a romantic relationship with Elias Taylor. After the town was freed, Glenda killed Garrison and took over his gang of bikers, and then imprisoned the Resistance team. Glenda intended to turn over the cobalt being mined in the town and her prisoners in exchange for a higher amount of gold. However, the team broke free, and when Glenda tried to escape in a jeep, Elias, who was betrayed, shot her in the back with his rifle and killed her. She was played by Sheryl Lee Ralph.

Governor Nathan Bates[edit]

Nathan Bates, played by Lane Smith, is the power-hungry head of Science Frontiers. He is cautious by nature, but has a high intelligence and shrewd cunning that he has used to make him one of the most powerful industrialists in the country. He is the father of Kyle Bates. His power bloomed even further when Science Frontiers was contracted by Resistance leader Julie Parrish to mass-produce the "Red Dust", the weapon used to drive the Visitors from the Earth. His power increases to the point his company is contracted to study the captured Visitor Mothership, with Julie Parrish, now head of Science Frontiers science division and Nathan's one-sided love interest, leading the team. Science Frontiers, at Nathan's urging, also conducted further experimentation on the Red Dust, and discovered the horrifying secret that it doesn't work in 50% of the world due to different climate zones. Nathan hired Ham Tyler for £500,000 to capture Diana, whom he hoped to interrogate for technical information on the Mothership, a cure for cancer and other advancements. However, Diana escaped and launched the Second Invasion after calling back the Visitor Fleet. When Diana and her troops stormed the main Science Frontiers facility, Bates is able to bluff them into not killing him by threatening to unleash a massive dose of Red Dust. This was achieved by the use of a deadman switch that would trigger the Red Dust if Bates was killed. After Nathan successfully brokered a peace treaty with the Visitor armies that Los Angeles and all property of Science Frontiers would be protected in exchange Science Frontiers security personnel would keep order. This made Nathan one of the most powerful men in the world, as the head of a provisional government of Los Angeles with the title of Governor, which was also arranged to be a neutral zone called "The Open City", where neither human nor Visitor could bear arms. Following the collapse of all military and police forces, his army grew and took larger control of civilian life. Nathan adapted his nature to become ruthless and cold-blooded when necessary, and became increasingly dangerous when the Resistance took shape again and launched terrorist activities against the Visitors from inside his protective borders, becoming mortal enemies with Mike Donovan and falling out with Kyle, who had joined the Resistance. Time and again, Nathan schemed with the Visitors, primarily Diana, to bring down the Resistance, and was constantly threatened by Diana to keep order or risk the end of the Open City Agreement and subsequent invasion. Nathan became more determined to destroy the Resistance, as he saw them as a threat to his power and the safety of Los Angeles' population, and agreed with Charles, a special envoy from the Leader, to make a daring trap to brainwash Ham Tyler into assassinating Mike Donovan during a live prisoner exchange, hoping to use this as a way to discredit the Resistance. However, Bates was accidentally shot instead and, despite being rushed to the medical facilities at Science Frontiers, goes into a coma. While in his weakened state, Mr. Chiang used a computer simulation of Bates to create the illusion that his master was still awake and in power, all the while Chiang was being tempted by Diana and Charles to take control of Science Frontiers himself. When Nathan finally came out of his coma and Kyle tried to rescue him, Charles finally convinced Chiang to grab power for himself by assassinating Nathan. Chiang successfully intercepts the two men just as they are about to escape, and shoots Nathan twice in the chest, killing him, and his last words were for Kyle, with whom he had a last-minute reconciliation, to escape alive. The death of Nathan Bates resulted in the end of the Open City Agreement and subsequent devastation of Los Angeles several days later by the Visitors.

Kristine Walsh[edit]

Kristine Walsh (Jenny Sullivan) is a television reporter and lover of Mike Donovan after his divorce. In the original miniseries, she joined him, Tony Wah Chong Leonetti, and a number of media personnel in the first human trip into the Visitors' New York mothership. However, Diana saw her potential and appointed her as the Visitors' press secretary. Since she was essentially the mouthpiece of the Visitors, her work would drive a wedge between her and Mike as the miniseries progressed.

Kristine is still in the same job during V: The Final Battle, but a covert meeting with Donovan and a sneak trip into the Visitors' stasis chambers to find his son, Sean, forces her to rethink her status. Things would come to a fatal end in the aftermath of a Resistance raid into the Los Angeles Medical Center in the first episode. She refuses Diana's orders to dismiss Juliet Parrish's unmasking of John as a hoax and calls on the public to fight the aliens. Diana kills her and replaces her with Eleanor Dupres.


Markos was a member of Garrison's motorcycle gang and was killed by Ham Tyler when the Resistance came to liberate the town from Garrison's control.

Mr. Chiang[edit]

Mr. Chiang, played by Aki Aleong, was the head of security at Science Frontiers and Nathan Bates's right-hand-man. Much of his past is shrouded in mystery, but it can be assumed he has had martial arts and samurai training with the rank of "majordomo" and was a professional assassin until Nathan recruited him. During the Second Invasion one year after Liberation Day, he was normally tasked by Nathan to use his security forces and double-agents to fight the Resistance. His squad was responsible for the destruction of Club Creole and he personally extracted information and killed several captured Resistance members. He was initially furiously loyal to Nathan, but when he was put into a coma by Ham Tyler, Chiang secretly took control of Science Frontiers and commanded the city's security using a holographic transmitter programmed with Nathan's image. He became power-hungry and more ruthless than ever, eventually he became desperate to hold onto his position to kill Nathan while he was trying to flee the facility. Chiang is then attacked by Nathan's son, Kyle, and in the ensuing scuffle, is shot by Kyle twice in the chest and killed.

Sean Donovan[edit]

Sean Donovan was the son of Mike Donovan, best friend of Josh Brooks and an avid baseball fan. He lived with his mother, Marjorie, and her boyfriend in San Pedro but saw his father whenever he returned from his trips for his news network abroad. When the Visitors came to Earth, he made the observation that the Visitors looked more human than alien, an observation that led to people suspecting them of hiding their true nature. When the First Invasion began, his town was attacked by Visitor troopers as punishment for several Resistance terrorist attacks. Sean attempted to fight, but he, along with the rest of the town were overpowered and captured and taken to the LA Mothership, where Sean was put into stasis. Later, his grandmother, Eleanor Dupres, was able to secure a release through Steven, and is converted by Diana to make him secretly loyal to the Visitors. He lives with the Resistance and passes information along about the Red Dust, but his true allegiance is suspected by Julie Parrish. Mike initially refuses to believe it, but evidence, including the fact that Sean no longer enjoys baseball, Mike feeds him false information about the Red Dust's deployment and helps distract the Visitors from their real attack plan. After the Visitors retreat from Earth, Mike enrolls him at a state school which eventually helps free his mind from Diana's tampering.

When the Second Invasion began, he was re-captured by Visitor forces when they seized the school and captured the students. Diana then gave him constant doses of a drug called "Procorp" that reignited his faith in the Visitors and received a commission in the Young Guards. Mike tries desperately to re-capture him, but failed. He remains an enemy of the Resistance to this day.

Sheriff John "Big John" Roland[edit]

Some Police Officers[edit]

In both the original series and sequels, some of the local police, incl. the Los Angeles Police collaborated with these aliens. At a checkpoint, a police officer is seen gunning down a suspect who "ran" a police blockade/checkpoint, and another officer killed a Mexican "gardener" when it was revealed that he had aided The Resistance.

The Florist[edit]

The Florist was an unnamed old woman whose husband was taken to detention by the Visitors during the Second Invasion. She was among the many Collaborators recruited by Diana to secure a blood sample from the Starchild; Elizabeth Maxwell, for research into producing an anti-toxin to the Red Dust. She reluctantly agreed on the condition they release her husband in time for Christmas and, using a branch of holly sprayed with dioxin solution, she succeeded and safely delivered the sample to Diana and her science team. However, Diana double-crossed her and sent her away to become a meal, while being led away by the guards she kept screaming "YOU LIED! YOU LIED! YOU LIED!!!" Diana then casually remarked "Humans take holidays so seriously".

2009 Version[edit]

In the 2009 retelling of V, the collaborators are presented in a new light.

  • Tyler Evans (Logan Huffman) - He is the son of Erica Evans, feeling resentment towards her for devoting more time to her career. All of it would change weeks after the Visitors' arrival, as his attraction to Lisa entices him to join the aliens' Peace Ambassador Program.
  • Chad Decker (Scott Wolf) - Reporter for a New York news outfit. Attracting Anna's attention after he compliments the Visitors' looks during her appearance at the United Nations, she chooses him for a one-on-one special interview with her and forces Decker to sacrifice journalism ethics so the interview could take place by asking favorable questions.
  • Jeffrey (Ty Olsson) - A US Marine who had a daughter, paralyzed in an accident before the Visitors healed her. In return, he went on a vigilante-like mission to hunt down anti-V resistance fighter cells as a way to thank the Visitors.