Collagen, type XIX, alpha 1

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Aliases COL19A1, COL9A1L, D6S228E, collagen type XIX alpha 1, collagen type XIX alpha 1 chain
External IDs MGI: 1095415 HomoloGene: 55608 GeneCards: COL19A1
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Species Human Mouse
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Location (UCSC) Chr 6: 69.87 – 70.21 Mb Chr 1: 24.26 – 24.59 Mb
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Collagen alpha-1(XIX) chain is a protein that in humans is encoded by the COL19A1 gene.[3][4][5]

This gene encodes the alpha chain of type XIX collagen, a member of the FACIT collagen family (fibril-associated collagens with interrupted helices). Although the function of this collagen is not known, other members of this collagen family are found in association with fibril-forming collagens such as type I and II, and serve to maintain the integrity of the extracellular matrix. The transcript produced from this gene has an unusually large 3' UTR which has not been completely sequenced.[5]


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