Collapsing Opposites

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Collapsing Opposites
Collapsing Opposites @ The Western Front in East Vancouver (3405347078).jpg
Collapsing Opposites live at the Western Front, East Vancouver - March 27, 2009
Background information
Origin Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Years active 2002 (2002)–present
Associated acts They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (band), Apollo Ghosts, Anni Rossi, The Wind Whistles, Bad Fate, Half Chinese, Brave Irene, Role Mach, Organ Trail, Ok Vancouver Ok, Unreliable Narrator, Greenbelt Collective, Better Friends Than Lovers, Bible Belts / Chris-a-riffic, Slight Birching, Synthcake.
Past members Jason, Aaron, Enzio, Cody, Jarrett, Jessica, Sean, Chris, Patrick, Jeff, Geoff, Jason, Caitlin, Adam, Kristine, Tristan, Wenzel

Collapsing Opposites is an indie rock group and music project from Vancouver, BC. It was founded in 2002 by artist and musician Ryan McCormick and has subsequently included over 18 different members.[citation needed]


Collapsing Opposites released their first EP Demonstration[1] in 2002 and followed it up with five full-length albums including Sincerity/Sarcasm (2004), Mean Letters (2005),[2] Inside Chance (2007)[3][4] In Time (2010),[5][6][7] and Real Moving (2011). The group has also released one other EP (The Story of the Rocks in 2008[8]), two compilations (Microchips Implanted In Your Brain in 2005 and Music and Words in 2007) and a split 7" record with the band Bible Belts in 2008.

The band's 2007 album Inside Chance reached number 16 on the Canadian National Campus and Community Radio charts;[9] In Time reached number 37[10] and Mean Letters reached number 128.[11] The band has been covered in a variety of sources such as Exclaim!,[8] BeatRoute,[6] The Georgia Straight,[12] Front Magazine,[13][14] Tom Tom Magazine,[15] Discorder,[4][7][16][17] Weird Canada,[5] Splendid Ezine,[18] and Broken Pencil.[3]

Members of Collapsing Opposites have collaborated with other art and music projects such as Whose Museum,[13][16] Music Waste,[12] Four on the Floor Projects[14][15] and the Safe Amplification Site Society.[17]




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