Colle Fauniera

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Colle Fauniera
Colle Fauniera is located in Italy
Colle Fauniera
Colle Fauniera
Colle Fauniera
Elevation2,511 m (8,238 ft)
Traversed byRoad
LocationPiedmonte, Italy
Coordinates44°23′9″N 7°7′18″E / 44.38583°N 7.12167°E / 44.38583; 7.12167Coordinates: 44°23′9″N 7°7′18″E / 44.38583°N 7.12167°E / 44.38583; 7.12167

The Colle Fauniera (also known as Colle dei Morti, "Hill of the Dead") is a mountain pass in the Cottian Alps, Piedmont, northern Italy, located at 2,480+ m elevation.[citation needed]

It is part of the communal territory of Castelmagno and Demonte.

It connects the Valle Grana, which ends here, with the Vallone dell'Arma (a lateral of the Valle Stura di Demonte). The name Colle dei Morti stems from a fierce fighting occurred in the nearby during the 17th century between Franco-Spanish and Piedmontese troops.

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