Nivolet Pass

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Nivolet Pass
Colle del Nivolet (in Italian)
Col du Nivolet (in French)
Looking towards the Nivolet Pass from the Rosset and Leita lakes
Elevation2641 m
Traversed bySP50
LocationAosta Valley and Piemont, Italy
RangeGraian Alps
Coordinates45°28′49″N 7°08′32″E / 45.4803°N 7.1421°E / 45.4803; 7.1421Coordinates: 45°28′49″N 7°08′32″E / 45.4803°N 7.1421°E / 45.4803; 7.1421
Nivolet Pass is located in Alps
Nivolet Pass
Nivolet Pass
Location of the Nivolet Pass in the Alps.

The Nivolet Pass (Italian: Colle del Nivolet or French: Col du Nivolet) is a mountain pass in the Eastern group of the Graian Alps in northern Italy. It is located at the top of the Orco Valley on the road from Turin to Ceresole Reale, in the Gran Paradiso National Park. Beyond the pass, the road terminates in the upper reaches of the eponymous Valsavarenche valley in the Gran Paradiso mountain group, before the valley descends to Valsavarenche and Villeneuve. The colle forms part of the boundary between the Aosta Valley and the Piemont region. The highest point of the paved road is 2,641 metres (8,665 feet). Two artificial lakes, Serrù Lake and Agnel Lake, are located immediately below the pass.

The approach road from Agnel Lake was the location of several scenes in the film The Italian Job, including the iconic final bus crash.

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