Colleen Bawn

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For the Dion Boucicault play, please see The Colleen Bawn

Colleen Bawn
Colleen Bawn is located in Zimbabwe
Colleen Bawn
Colleen Bawn
Location in Zimbabwe
Coordinates: 21°00′00″S 29°12′36″E / 21.00000°S 29.21000°E / -21.00000; 29.21000
Country Flag of Zimbabwe.svg Zimbabwe
Province Matabeleland South
Districts of Zimbabwe Gwanda District
Municipality Colleen Bawn Town Council
Elevation 3,080 ft (940 m)
Population (2004 Estimate)
 • Total 2,545
Time zone CAT (UTC+2)
Climate Cwa

Colleen Bawn is a town in Zimbabwe.


Colleen Bawn lies in Gwanda District, in Matabeleland South Province, in southwest Zimbabwe. It is located about 144 kilometres (89 mi), by road, southeast of Bulawayo, the nearest large city.[1] This location lies on Highway A-6, the main road between Bulawayo and Beitbridge, at the International border with the Republic of South Africa, 200 kilometres (120 mi), further southeast from Colleen Bawn.[2] The coordinates of the town are:21° 0' 0.00"S, 29° 12' 36.00"E (Latitude:21.0000; Longitude:29.2100).


The town grew up around the Colleen Bawn gold mine. The prospector who pegged claim to the mine in 1895, named it after an Irish girl with whom he had been acquainted. The mine was opened in 1905 but after the Second World War, limestone became the focal mineral in the area. The limestone is mined by Pretoria Portland Cement, who operate a cement factory on the site and have been responsible for recent growth in the town. Colleen Bawn is supplied with water from Geelong Weir on the Mzingwane River, fed by releases of water from Silalabuhwa Dam, on the tributary Insiza River. ZB Bank Limited, a commercial bank, maintains a branch in the town.[3]


According to the 1982 Population Census, Colleen Bawn had a population of 1,427. In 2004, the population of the town was estimated at 2,545.[4] The current population of the town is not publicly known. The next national population census in Zimbabwe is scheduled from 18 August 2012 through 28 August 2012.[5]

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Coordinates: 21°00′00″S 29°21′00″E / 21.00000°S 29.35000°E / -21.00000; 29.35000