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College Book Renter is a textbook company that allows students to rent, buy and sell their college textbooks online. Founded in 2009, College Book Renter is one of the top five[vague] textbook rental companies in the industry.[citation needed]


South Eastern Book Co (SEB), based in Murray, KY, announced on July 6, 2010 that it made an equity investment in College Book Renter (CBR) called Series A. The $10 million Series A investment was in the form of equity funding from SEB. In addition, College Book Renter secured $7.5 million in debt financing in 2010. With this $17.5 million, the two companies planned to work together.

SEB launched, powered by College Book Rental, for college bookstores to offer their own rental program through the store’s own customized web-portal.[1]


College Book Renter and South Eastern Book are managed by C. A. Jones Management Group, LLC, which provides an umbrella for the diverse business holdings of Charles A. (Chuck) Jones, of Murray, Kentucky.

Allegations of Fraud[edit]

Complaints have been raised that the company is a scam, but as of October 2012 they are as yet unconfirmed.[2]

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