College Theological Society (Trinity College, Dublin)

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College Theological Society

Trinity College Crest

Founded 1830
Session 186th
Home Page Trinity Theological Society
President Prof Linda Hogan

Committee of the College Theological Society 2015-2016

Auditor Miss Aisling Crabbe
Honorary Secretary Mr Josh Brady
Honorary Treasurer Mr. Matthew Collins
Public Relations Officer Mr. Manus Dennison
Honorary Records Secretary Mr Cian Lawless
Honorary Librarians Miss Ines Niarchos

Miss Orla Delaney

General Officers Lydia Blake, Kerrie Danaher and Mark Finn

The College Theological Society, more commonly known as The Theo, was founded in 1830 as a student society in Trinity College, Dublin Ireland. Members gather weekly throughout the term to engage in debate and listen to guest speakers in the Graduates Memorial Building.


The society's original purpose was to provide a forum for the discussion of Philosophical Theology for students of Trinity College, Dublin. Since then, it has expanded to include the consideration of various religious topics in a way that appeals to the general student body. With strong ties to the School of Religions and Theology, all of Trinity's Religion students are encouraged to become active members of the society.

Its primary aim is to promote interreligious dialogue with a focus on topical issues. Guests of the society have ranged from prestigious academics to celebrated authors to successful politicians and organisational figures, all of whom speak on a wide range of subjects. The society frequently touches upon the role of religion within world society and has covered themes including Human Rights, Current Affairs, and Environmental and Social Responsibility.

Other events hosted by the society include film screenings, debates, quizzes, parties and an annual trip to Dunderry Park.


The Theo is based in the Bram Stoker Room in the Graduates Memorial Building.The space is shared between the Theo and the University Philosophical Society. The room was named after author Abraham Stoker, one of the few people in college history to have led both the College Historical Society and the University Philosophical Society.

Within the room rests the society library, a well-catalogued collection of rare, classic, and contemporary theological texts of which any member can avail. The library is continually restocked to include both texts accessible to the general reader and publications recommended as course reading for the students of Religion within the college.

Eminent guests of the society[edit]

In recent years, the society has played host to a variety of esteemed speakers.

Some of these speakers include:

Reza Aslan

2013 marked the society's first 'All Faiths and None' Interfaith Forum. Funded by the TCD Equality Fund, the forum boasted 26 speakers: a TD, Senator, statistician, minority leaders and NGO participants.


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