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College of Management and Economics
College of Management and Economics University of Guelph.jpg
College of Management and Economics logo
Other name
Guelph Business
Type College
Established May 1, 2006 (2006-05-01)
Parent institution
University of Guelph
Dean Julia Christensen Hughes
Location Guelph, Ontario, Canada

The College of Business and Economics (or Guelph Business) at the University of Guelph, in Guelph, Ontario was formed on May 1, 2006.[1] The current dean of CME is Julia Christensen Hughes, who was appointed in April 2009 for a 5-year term beginning on May 11, 2009.[2] David Prescott and founding dean of the CME, Chris McKenna, precedes Julia Christensen Hughes.[2] Currently the College of Management and Economics is the 4th largest Bachelor of Commerce program in Ontario.[3] The CME has four different departments under its umbrella, which include:

  • Department of Business
  • Department of Economics and Finance
  • Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies
  • School of Hospitality and Tourism Management


The College of Management and Economics offers a wide range of programs which also include co-operative education experiences. The CME offers undergraduate, graduate and executive development programs as well as many courses through the University of Guelph's open learning office. The College of Management and Economics also offers all of the required courses for the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation and Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification. The CME is currently expanding courses offered to fulfill the requirements for the Chartered Accountant (CA) designation.

Undergraduate Programs[edit]

The undergraduate programs that are offered through the CME are:

  • Bachelor of Arts General (3 years) and Honours (4 years)
  • Bachelor of Commerce Honours (4 years)
    • Accounting
    • Food and Agricultural Business
    • Hotel and Food Administration
    • Human Resources Management
    • Management Economics and Finance
    • Marketing Management
    • Real Estate and Housing
    • Public Management
    • Tourism Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science Honours (4 years)
    • Environmental Economics and Policy

Student's may also choose to be an undeclared student in semesters 1 and 2 if they are unsure of which major to pursue.

Graduate Programs[edit]

The graduate programs that are offered through the CME are:

  • Master of Arts (Economics)
  • Master of Arts (Leadership)
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Science
  • PhD in Economics
  • PhD in Management

Executive Development Programs[edit]

The CME also offers a program in Hospitality Manager's Development.

Accreditations and Rankings[edit]

  • Ranked in the top ten of Canadian business programs in Corporate Knights Survey for focus on corporate responsibility/sustainability [3]
  • Bachelor of Commerce in real estate and housing is one of only two such undergraduate programs in Canada [3]
  • School of Hospitality and Tourism ranked 21st in the world and 1st in Canada for research output[3]
  • Undergraduate students placed 1st at International Food and Agribusiness Management Association case competition in Budapest, competing against MBA teams from around the world[3]

Student Associations[edit]

Each year CME students participate in numerous competitions that develop and improve their entrepreneurial skills, enhancing their education and reputation among national and international peers.

Competitions include:

  • JDC Central
  • DECA
  • Enterprize
  • NICOL[4]
  • CA CA$H[5]
  • CME Trading Simulation (Hosted by the Economics and Finance Association)
  • Organizational Behaviour Case (OBC)

CME Student Associations provide CME students with support through activities, services and networking opportunities. These student clubs also organize social nights, career night, guest speakers and many other enriching activities.[6]

Student Associations include:

  • The CME Students' Association[7]
  • Economics and Finance Association[8]
  • HRM Student Association[9]
  • Hospitality and Tourism Students' Association[10]
  • Marketing Society[11]
  • Accounting Society of Guelph [12]
  • Real Estate and Housing Students' Association [13]


The College of Management & Economics is committed to research with the intent to change and improve life. The CME contributes fundamental and applied cutting-edge research in a wide variety of field and themes while focusing research on local problems and the development of socially useful solutions. Providing scholarly work to help change and improve life locally and globally. Participating in discovery based research as well as application, quantitative and qualitative research method.[14]

Areas of CME research

  • Department of Business[15]
  • Department of Economics & Finance[16]
  • School of Hospitality and Tourism Management[17]
  • Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies[18]


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