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Coordinates: 37°42′55″N 89°13′32″W / 37.71528°N 89.22556°W / 37.71528; -89.22556

The College of Mass Communication and Media Arts (CMCMA) is located on the campus of Southern Illinois University Carbondale and was established in 1993 as a reorganization of the former "College of Communications and Fine Arts."

The CMCMA has three programs of undergraduate study including the Department of Cinema & Photography, the Department of Radio-Television, and the School of Journalism. The Department of Cinema & Photography and Radio-Television award a Bachelor of Arts degree and the School of Journalism awards a Bachelor of Science degree.

The CMCMA also offers four graduate programs:(MA, MS, MFA, and a PhD Program).

WSIU Public Broadcasting, an NPR affiliate, is also housed within the CMCMA.

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Jim Bittermann, Senior CNN European correspondent based in Paris
  • Jackie Spinner, Instructor, Georgetown University
  • Robert K. Weiss, major American film and television producer
  • Milcho Manchevski, feature film director, whose film "Dust" won the Golden Lion at Venice International Film Festival
  • Steve James, independent documentary filmmaker, whose credits include the Oscar-nominated, "Hoop Dreams"
  • Joe Swanberg, Owner of

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