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Collie Power Station is a power station in Collie, Western Australia. It is coal powered with one steam turbine that generates a total capacity of 300 MW of electricity. The coal is mined locally from the Collie Sub-basin and is transported to the power plant by overland conveyor.

In financial year 2008-09 the station consumed approximately 1 million tonnes of coal.

The station was commissioned in 1999 with a single 300 MW steam turbine. Power generated by the station supplies southern, Western Australia.

Carbon Monitoring for Action estimates this power station emits 2.39 million tonnes of greenhouse gases each year as a result of burning coal.[1]


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Coordinates: 33°20′31″S 116°15′44″E / 33.3420°S 116.2622°E / -33.3420; 116.2622