Colline du Charf

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Charf Hill
Colline du Charf
Charf Hill is located in Morocco
Charf Hill
Charf Hill
Highest point
Elevation 93 m (305 ft) [1]
Coordinates 35°45′57″N 05°47′22″W / 35.76583°N 5.78944°W / 35.76583; -5.78944Coordinates: 35°45′57″N 05°47′22″W / 35.76583°N 5.78944°W / 35.76583; -5.78944
Location Morocco
Parent range Rif
First ascent Unknown
Easiest route From Tangier

The Charf Hill (French: Colline du Charf) is a hill in Tangier, northern Morocco. Its elevation is 93 metres above sea level and it overlooks the city between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.[2]


The hill offers a panoramic view of Tangier and the coastline from Cap Malabata in the east to La Montagne in the west.[3] Charf Hill has a number of high-rise buildings and towards the foot of the hill are some of the poor residential districts of Tangier and the Plaza de Toros. The Syrian Mosque of Tangier is also located on the hill and is noted for its style of minaret, rare to the region.

Legend says that the Charf hill is the burial place of the massive body of Antaeus after he was defeated by Hercules.[4]


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