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Eileen M. Collins Observatory
Eileen M. Collins Observatory.JPG
Organization Corning Community College
Observatory code 911
Location Corning, New York
Coordinates 42°07′05″N 77°04′40″W / 42.11803°N 77.07768°W / 42.11803; -77.07768Coordinates: 42°07′05″N 77°04′40″W / 42.11803°N 77.07768°W / 42.11803; -77.07768
Altitude 826 feet (252 m)
Established 2003 (2003)
One-tenth scale model of the Hale telescope 20" reflecting telescope
16", 14", 12", 10", 8", 6", 4" reflecting telescopes
8" Schmidt–Cassegrain telescope
Solar telescope
Collins Observatory is located in the US
Collins Observatory
Location of Eileen M. Collins Observatory

The Eileen M. Collins Observatory is a small astronomical observatory operated by Corning Community College in Corning, New York. It is named for astronaut Eileen Collins. The observatory is primarily used to teach astronomy classes, but the college also provides weekly viewing sessions for the public.

The observatory is equipped with reflecting telescopes ranging from four inches to 20 inches in diameter. The largest telescope is a one-tenth scale model of the Hale telescope at Mount Palomar.[1] The smaller telescopes were assembled by the Elmira-Corning Astronomical Society. Additionally, the observatory maintains an eight-inch Schmidt–Cassegrain telescope and a solar telescope.

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