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Colm Brogan (20 October 1902 – 28 January 1977) was a Scottish journalist and author.

He wrote for The Herald and also pamphlets for the Conservative Party. His family was originally from Donegal.[citation needed]

His brother was the historian Denis William Brogan.

He reviewed Whittaker Chambers's posthumous book in "The Comfort of Cold Friday"[1] for National Review magazine (December 29, 1964).

In Who are 'the People'? published in 1943, he developed the idea that political ideologies of the Left are responsible for the raise to power of Adolf Hitler. He continued with this thesis in Our New Masters, published in 1947.[2]


  • Who are 'The People'? (1943).
  • Our New Masters (1947).
  • They Are Always Wrong (1949).
  • Patriots? My Foot! (1949).
  • Fifty Years On: British Socialism, 1900-1950 (1950).
  • Glasgow Story (1952).
  • The Educational Revolution (1955).
  • Suez: Who was right? (1957).
  • The Nature of Education (1962).


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