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The Cologne Comedy Festival is an international comedy festival held in Cologne, Germany every year since 1991. It was founded by Achim Rohde in 1990 in Kleve, Germany. The festival initially started by importing comedians from around the world. During the 1990s, stand-up comedy became popular with young German audiences, who had experienced humor whilst living outside Germany. This led to home-grown comedy acts, which in turn led to the growth of the festival, to its present point, where many of the brightest stars of German and international comedy perform to sold-out houses in over 20 venues, ranging from small clubs to large theatres. Many German comedy acts have been discovered via the festival.[1][2][3][4][5]


The Cologne Comedy Festival has presented the annual German Comedy Prize since 1997. The Categories for the Prize are :

  • Best Comedy Show
  • Best Comedy Series
  • Best Sketch Show
  • Best Comedy Improv
  • Best Actor/Actress
  • Best Newcomer
  • Best Comedian
  • Best Comedienne
  • Best Film Comedy
  • Honorary Prize


Since 2007, the Comedy Festival runs in tandem with a Comedy Film Festival.


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