Colombia–France relations

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Colombia-France relations
Map indicating locations of Colombia and France



Colombia–France relations refers to the diplomatic relations between the Republic of Colombia and the French Republic.


19th Century[edit]

Embassy of Colombia in Paris

Officially the relations between Colombia and France began on May 30, 1892 with the signature of an agreement intended to establish French nationals in Colombia, increase commerce and navigation between the two nations.[1]

20th Century[edit]

Mediation by France in Colombian armed conflict[edit]

While president of France, Jacques Chirac exerted political pressure on the Uribe administration to persuade him to accept the FARC demands and achieve the humanitarian exchange. Uribe conditioned the offer and suggested that the imprisoned guerrillas would be liberated in France instead of Colombia.[2] This was later discarded by the FARC.

As a candidate Nicolas Sarkozy reassured his intentions to push for the liberation of Ingrid Betancourt and the other hostages held by the FARC.

Colombian embassy in Paris[edit]

The Embassy of Colombia in Paris is the diplomatic mission of the Republic of Colombia to the French Republic; it is headed by the Ambassador of Colombia to France. It is located in the Madeleine neighbourhood of the 8th arrondissement of Paris, prececily at 22 Rue de L'Elysée in the corner of the intersection with Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, and directly across from the Élysée Palace.[3][4]

The Embassy is also accredited to the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, and the Principality of Monaco.[5] The Embassy is charged with representing the interests of the President and Government of Colombia, improving diplomatic relations between Colombia and the accredited countries, promoting and improving the image and standing of Colombia in the accredited nations, promoting the Culture of Colombia, encouraging and facilitating tourism to and from Colombia, and ensuring the safety of Colombians abroad.

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