Colombian football league system

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The Colombian football league system is a series of interconnected football leagues for clubs in Colombia, and is governed by the Colombian Football Federation at the national level. From 1991 to 2010 there was a Categoría Primera C for amateur and reserve teams.


The Colombian league system consists of two categories. At the top of the pyramid is Categoría Primera A or Primera A, which consists of the top 18 teams of the country. Below them is Categoría Primera B or Primera B. Teams in Primera A play independent of the 18 teams that make up Primera B.

Promotion & relegation[edit]

Relegation from Primera A is based on an averaging system. At the end of each season, the team with the worst three-year average is relegated to Primera B. The winner of the Promotion Playoff, between the Primera B Torneo Apertura and Torneo Finalización winner, is promoted to Primera A.

Current system[edit]

Level League/Category
1st Categoría Primera A
(Liga Águila)
20 clubs
2nd Categoría Primera B
(Torneo Águila)
16 clubs