Colombian presidential election, 1994

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Colombian presidential election, 1994
← 1990 29 May and 19 June 1994 1998 →
Turnout 34.0% (first round) Decrease 9.5%
43.3% (run off) Increase 9.3%
  Ernesto Samper (cropped).jpg Andrespastranaarango.png
Nominee Ernesto Samper Andrés Pastrana Arango
Party Liberal Party Conservative Party
Home state Bogotá Bogotá
Running mate Humberto De la Calle Luis Fernando Ramírez
Popular vote 3,733,366 3,576,781
Percentage 51.07% 48.93%

Colombian Presidential Election Second Round Results, 1994.svg
Winner by department, Second Round

President before election

César Gaviria
Liberal Party

Elected President

Ernesto Samper
Liberal Party

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Presidential elections were held in Colombia on 29 May 1994, with a second round on 19 June.[1] The result was a victory for Ernesto Samper of the Liberal Party, who received 51.1% of the vote in the run-off.[2]

Samper's election was tainted by accusations during the campaign and afterwards that his Liberal Party had sought funding from the Cali Cartel. This resulted in the Proceso 8000 investigation, which found several of Samper's close associates within the party guilty, although Samper himself was absolved of any wrongdoing.[3] However, the scandal badly damaged his presidency and his party, and resulted in a grand coalition of opposition politicians standing against and defeating the Liberal Party at the following election in 1998; Samper was Colombia's last Liberal president.


First Round[edit]

First Round Results by Department

  Ernesto Samper Won
  Andres Pastrana won
Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Ernesto Samper Liberal Party 2,623,210 45.3 3,733,336 51.1
Andrés Pastrana Arango Conservative Party 2,604,771 45.0 3,576,781 48.9
Antonio Navarro Wolff Colombian Compromise 219,241 3.8
Regina Betancur de Liska Metapolitical Unitary Movement 64,131 1.1
Miguel Alfredo Maza Marquez Civic People's Convergence 55,190 1.0
Alberto Mendoza Morales National Convergence–Patriotic Union 34,437 0.6
Enrique Parejo Gonzalez ADN 29,246 0.5
Guillermo Alemán Ecological Orientation Movement 22,923 0.4
Gloria Gaitán Jorge Eliecer Gaitán Movement 17,397 0.3
José Antonio Cortes Huertas Christian Civic Commitment to the Community 11,704 0.2
Miguel Zamora Avila Let's Protest 9,059 0.2
José Galat Moral Front 9,055 0.2
Doris de Castro Independent Christian Movement 6,020 0.1
Luis Rodríguez Orjuela Progressive National Movement 5,711 0.1
Oscar Rojas Masso We are Free 4,368 0.1
José Guillermo Barnosa Millan Organisation for National Peace 3,797 0.1
Mario Diazgranados Llinas Christian CGT 3,319 0.1
Efraín Toress Plazas Believe – No to the War 2,637 0.0
Invalid/blank votes 95,115 117,625
Total 5,821,331 100 7,427,742 100
Registered voters/turnout 17,146,597 34.0 17,146,597 43.3
Source: Nohlen


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