Colonia Esperanza, Cuauhtémoc

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Colonia Esperanza is a small colonia or neighborhood located in the Cuauhtémoc borough of Mexico City just southeast of the historic center. Its borders are defined by the following streets: Lorenzo Boturini to the south, Fray Servando Teresa de Mier to the north, Calzada de la Viga Canal to the east and Francisco Javier Clavijero to the west.[1]

Today it is an almostly completely residential neighborhood, but there is little known about its history. The Canal de la Viga passed through with a major bridge called Puente de Pipis located here, but over the years this canal dried up and the bridge disappeared. Around 1913, a company called Agricola y Colonizadora Mexicana began to subdivide and sell the land here for houses.[1]

The area has one small park called Jardín Casimiro Chovell,[1] and one preschool called Jardin de Niños Happy Kids on Topacio Street.[2]


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Coordinates: 19°25′11.17″N 99°7′42.53″W / 19.4197694°N 99.1284806°W / 19.4197694; -99.1284806