Colonia Nápoles

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Colonial California house and World Trade Center in colonia Nápoles
Colonial California house in colonia Nápoles
Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros portraits of Mexican muralists

Colonia Nápoles is a colonia, or officially recognized neighborhood in Benito Juárez borough, Mexico City.

It is bordered by:[1]

Landmarks include the World Trade Center complex with offices, restaurants, cinemas and shopping, and the Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros, a performing arts center decorated with distinctive murals, and an adjacent garden with images of famous Mexican muralists.

One of the original developments here in the late 1930s was Parque de la Lama, designed by Raúl Basurto, one of the principal architects of the Colonia Hipódromo art deco neighborhood further north across what is now the Viaducto. The covenant required buyers to build single-family houses in the "Colonial California" style,[2] (a Mexican term for the California style of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture). Many houses of this style can still be seen in Nápoles. It is also a remarquable spot for architecture of the Mid-century modern style, like the house designed for the recognized architect Vladimir Kaspé in the corner of the streets of Dakota and Nueva Jersey. La Nápoles and La del Valle are the most iconic mid-century neighborhoods in the city. More recently, contemporary apartment buildings have been built as infill, some by Javier Sánchez.

The neighborhood has the Parque Alameda Nápoles (Alfonso Esparza Oteo), a 22,593-square-metre (5.6-acre) park.[3]