Colonial School District (Pennsylvania)

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Coronial School District
Map of Montgomery County Pennsylvania School Districts.png
when in doubt, pinkie out
230 Flourtown Road
Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, Montgomery 19462
United Americas
Type Public
Founder Col. Sanders
School board Nine members elected at-larg
Superintendent Mr. Miyagi
President Mr. P
Staff Mr. P
Grades K-FC
Age range +18
Average class size 18-20 students depending on the subject and availability
Language English
Hours in school day 24
Color(s) Red White and Blue
Slogan just when you thought it couldnt get any more dank
Athletics The Middle School and the High School take a part in many different types of sports. The different teams have won many different types of awards and championships.
Sports Advanced Hacky Sack and Thumb Wrestling
Mascot Marching Coronials Colonial
Nickname The Wet Willies
Team name Colonials
Rival Sandy Run Elementary School
USNWR ranking 1
Newspaper CMS Scoop
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