Colonial Police Long Service Medal

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Colonial Police Long Service Medal
Colonial Police Medal.png
Ribbon of the medal
Awarded by the United Kingdom
Type Long service medal
Eligibility Full-time members of the police forces of the colonies, dominions, and overseas territories.
Awarded for 18 years efficient service
Clasps 25 years
30 years[1]
Established 23 March 1934
Order of Wear
Next (higher) Sierra Leone Police Long Service Medal[2]
Next (lower) Sierra Leone Fire Brigades Long Service Medal[2]
Related Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal

The Colonial Police Long Service Medal, now known as the Overseas Territories Police Long Service Medal, was established in 1934 to recognize long service in the police forces of the colonies, dominions, and overseas territories of the British Empire.


The medal was originally established on 23 March 1934 as the Colonial Police and Fire Brigade Long Service medal. The medal is awarded for 18 years of meritorious and efficient service.[3] A new Royal Warrant issued on 21 March 1956, separated the medal out under their own warrants.[4] The name of the medal was changed in 2012 to the Overseas Territories Police Long Service Medal.[5]


The medal is circular and silver, 36 milimetres in diameter. The obverse depicts the effigy of the reigning sovereign surrounded by the royal titles. The reverse bears the depiction of a police officer's truncheon superimposed on a laurel wreath. Circumscribed around the central design are the words FOR LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT COLONIAL POLICE FORCES.[6]

The medal hangs from a ring with claw suspension. The ribbon of the medal is dark blue with a central stripe of green. The centre stripe is bordered by thin stripes of white. Clasps are awarded for completing 25 and 30 years respectively. In undress, when only ribbons are worn, these clasps are represented by silver rosettes attached to the ribbon.[6]


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