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Corner House (1936)

Colonial Street is one of the backlot street sets at Universal Studios Hollywood. The street set has a long history, spanning over 60 years of movies and television. From 2004- 2012 it was used in the filming of the Desperate Housewives television series, in which the street was known as Wisteria Lane. After the production of Desperate Housewives wrapped the street under went a small make over to remove the essence of Wisteria Lane, so that it could be used in other productions. As of May 2012 the street has emerged, and most of the iconic white fencing and wisteria has been removed. Colonial Street can now be seen on the new NBC comedy About a Boy.


Drew House (1977)
Chicken Ranch (1982)

Colonial Street has its origins in 1946 when a few homes were built at Stage 12 at Universal Studios for the motion-picture So Goes My Love. After the movie, the sets were placed in storage. In 1950, the homes along with other sets built from stock units were moved outdoors to the north edge of the backlot (formerly River Road), and was named Colonial Street after "Colonial Mansion" (demolished in 2005 for the second season of Desperate Housewives), the first home on the street. The year 1964 saw the opening of Universal Studios Hollywood and Colonial Street (along with the Psycho house) was a popular attraction. In 1981, Colonial Street was moved to its current location at the other side of the backlot. Not all of the buildings were moved to the new Colonial Street, with some of them becoming part of Industrial Street, now known as Elm Street.

In 1988, Colonial street was overhauled for Tom Hanks comedy The 'Burbs. The old Leave It to Beaver home was removed, as large homes were required for the movie (see a 1988 map here). Following the movie, the homes were rearranged again so Circle Drive was connected once again (see a 1989-1996 map here). In 1996, a new Leave it to Beaver house is built for the 1997 movie (called the Morrison Home), replacing homes that were built for The 'Burbs movie. Also during this time, the Providence home was built (called the Klopeck House Building). Colonial Street remained unchanged until 2004, when Desperate Housewives used the street for its series production, giving it the name Wisteria Lane. The homes were freshly painted with bright pastel colours and refurbished.

The house where the Desperate Housewives character Betty Applewhite lived during the second season was strictly avoided by the Desperate Housewives film crew during season one. This was due to the fact that it was considered to be too recognizable as the main setting of The Munsters. Following the decision to introduce the Applewhites, and having them live in the Munster home, the house was completely remodeled.[1]

In 2005, for the second season of Desperate Housewives, the street went through some heavy changes. During the first season only one part of the street had been seen on the show — the cul-de-sac at the end of the street, known as 'Circle Drive' among film crews,[2] had been left out. Now, the majority of the buildings and facades in this part of the street was either heavily remodeled or removed. Among the most noticeable changes were the removals of a church facade, seen on Murder She Wrote, in order to make room for Edie's house,[3] and of the so-called Colonial Mansion, which was replaced by a park.[4]

Wisteria Lane[edit]

Main article: Wisteria Lane
Colonial Street as "Wisteria Lane" on the ABC show Desperate Housewives (2006)

Wisteria Lane is a fictional street, appearing in the American television series Desperate Housewives. The street is located in the city of Fairview, in the fictional Eagle State.[5] Its appearance reflects the stereotypical view of American suburbia: perfectly manicured lawns, rows of comfortable houses and white picket fences. It is the main setting of the show, and it includes the homes of its four leading women - Bree, Gabrielle, Susan, and Lynette - as well as most of the show's other main characters. As of the sixth season, the residents of eleven houses on Wisteria Lane have been established in the show.


Colonial Street
Building Number Image Name Lifespan Productions
Non Desperate Housewives Desperate Housewives
Address Families
BLDG #1 Greenbergs.PNG Delta House[6] 1955–present 4347 Wisteria Lane[7] Ida Greenberg (?–2008)
Karen McCluskey (2008)
Mitzi Kinsky (2014–present)
BLDG #2 4349 Wisteria Lane.JPG Allison Home[8] 1946–present 4349 Wisteria Lane Gabrielle Solis (2003–2018)
Carlos Solis (2003–2006 and 2008–2018)
BLDG #3 WisteriaLanePurpleHouse.jpg Munster Home[1]
(originally Maxim house)[1]
1946–present 4351 Wisteria Lane[9] Mullin family (?-2005)
Betty Applewhite (2005–2006)
Alma Hodge (2007)
Hunter/McDermott (2007–present)
BLDG #4 Colonialstreet Johnsonhome.jpg Johnson Home[10] 1977–present 4353 Wisteria Lane Susan Mayer (1992–2015 and 2016-2017)
Paul Young (2015-2016)
BLDG #5 4355WisteriaLane.jpg Dana Home[11] 1951–present 4355 Wisteria Lane Scavo family (1998–2017)
BLDG #6 Karenmcclusky.JPG Mcclusky Home 2007–present [12] 4358 Wisteria Lane[13] Karen McCluskey (1964–2017)
BLDG #7 KathrynsHouse.JPG Walter's House Around 1987–present 4356 Wisteria Lane Lilian Simms (?–2004)
Katherine Davis (1994–1995)
Mike Delfino (2004–2007)
Carlos Solis (2006–2007)
Katherine Mayfair (2007–2015)
Felicia Tilman (2016)
Ben Faulkner (2016-2017)
BLDG #8 Bree.JPG The Klopeck House [14] around 1999–present 4354 Wisteria Lane Van de Kamp/Hodge family (1994–2019) (House modified since the Burbs)
BLDG #9 Beaver House 2003.jpg Morrison Home[15] 1996–present 4352 Wisteria Lane Young family (1990–2006)
Shepherd family (2006)
Bolen family (2014-2015)
BLDG #10 4350WisteriaLane.jpg Cromwell Home
  • One Desire (1955) Cromwell House
  • Dragnet TV Series
  • Adam 12 TV series
  • The Car (1977)
4350 Wisteria Lane Martha Huber (?-2004)
Felicia Tilman (2004–06)
Alex Cominis (2014-2016) & Andrew Van de Kamp (2014-present)
BLDG #11 Drew House.PNG Drew House 1977–present 4346 Wisteria Lane[16]
  • Rose Kemper (?-2014) on 5.20
BLDG #12 Corner House.PNG Corner House 1936–present 4346 Wisteria Lane
  • Mona Clarke (used as a security house to prevent unauthorised access to the street.)
BLDG #13 Seven Gables 1940–present 4344 Wisteria Lane
  • Unknown Occupants
BLDG #14 Psycho house 1960-82
  • Gone by the time the series started
Chicken Ranch house at the top of Wisteria Lane.png Chicken Ranch 1982–present 4345 Wisteria Lane
  • Has only been seen once throughout the entire series.
Circle Drive (the end of Colonial Street with the cul-de-sac)
BLDG #1 Colonial Mansion 1927–2005
  • Area was not seen until season two (2005) when the house was already gone for the show's expansion
Park 2005–present
  • Wasn't built until season two (2005) of Desperate Housewives
  • has been a park since season two of Desperate Housewives (2005)
BLDG #2 Church 1964–2005
  • Area was not seen until season two (2005) when the church was already gone for the show's expansion
4362WisteriaLane.jpg Edie Britt's Home 2005–present
  • Wasn't built until season two (2005) of Desperate Housewives
4362 Wisteria Lane[5]
*Edie Britt (2004–2008 and 2013-2014)
*Renee Perry (2012)
BLDGS #3, 4, 5, 6 School Facades
Store Facades
  • Area was not seen until season two (2005) when the facades were already gone for the show's expansion
4360WisteriaLane.jpg Buble House 2005–present
  • Wasn't built until season two (2005) of Desperate Housewives
4360 Wisteria Lane
  • an unnamed woman, played by an uncredited extra, in episode 4.02
  • Mr. Scully (?-2015) on 7.09


Several TV series and motion pictures have been filmed on Colonial Street, including:

In addition, some music videos have used the street to shoot scenes:[17]

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